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Is this bag waterproof?

We are very cautious how we use the word waterproof. It means different things to different people, and with specialist equipment it is worth qualifying what we mean by it. Most people get it, but the reality is that it would only take one person to read waterproof with a capital W, pop their expensive Nikon camera in one of our bags and go for a swim. . we know how that might end. 

All our drybags use fabrics that are waterproof and constructed with seams that are either welded or taped. The construction is waterproof but these products are not rated as immersion proof, i.e. not designed to go underwater.

Roll top closures

A drybag closure is a roll top which is a reliable and proven mechanism for creating a seal against water ingress from splashing and spray - however it is not pressure tested and its effectiveness is dependent on you to get a good seal. We do not make any claims these bags are immersion proof but they will do a great job of keeping your kit dry in a down pour.

Zipped closures

Water resistant zips such as those used on our DryDocks also protect against rain and spray, but they are still not immersion proof.

There are other considerations to take into account, such as the duration the bag is exposed to water, rubbing, pressure and condition. To take the ambiguity out of a term such as waterproof Boffins have invented a system for rating the effective waterproofness of things and have called it the IP Code. Generally dry bags will fall under IP 64 - dustproof and protect against water splashing from all directions.

Our advice as always is double bag your valuable items, water has a habit of getting anywhere.

Updated: Jul 12, 2016

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