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Blip Instructions

Introducing Blip, your new twin pack of red LED caution lights. Oh the places you’ll go and the things you’ll be seen by with this versatile little pair. You can attach your blip to anything, everything, and everyone (although you should probably ask permission first…)

Download the Blip PDF instruction sheet

Change the Batteries

Open the light and hold on to the main part, insert one CR1632 battery in the direction indicated within the battery compartment.

  • Do not use rechargeable batteries, doing so will invalidate your warranty.
Instructions for Use

First use: Open the light and hold the main part. Pull off the insulation strip, then put the light back together.

To turn on and off: Press the power button in the middle of the light.

  • Do not shine torch directly into your eyes 
  • Do not submerge. 
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product as it will invalidate your warranty 
  • Keep your Blip clean to prevent dirt and dust from entering the electric elements 
  • Remove any moisture before storage
  • Do not store Blip with batteries inside for long periods of time


1 x CR1632 3V Lithium battery


Clean with a damp cloth


Ensure that the Blip is dry before storing, store in a dry place.

Service and Repairs

If the torch does not work, check that the battery has been inserted the right way around and that it is not flat. Check that there is no water in the torch, dry thoroughly if there is and try again. Check contacts for signs of corrosion caused by the battery leaking or through damp. Clean contacts with a light emery cloth. 

If issues cannot be corrected using these instructions, contact Alpkit for advice.

  Burn Time Water Resistance
Strobe 95 h IPX5

Updated: Jun 30, 2017

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