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How to rewax your waxed cotton product

If you notice your waxed cotton pack isn't repelling water as it should (for example, the water isn't beading off), it probably needs rewaxing. Otherwise, we recommend rewaxing it every 12 months. 

Cleaning wax cotton

First, make sure your pack is clean. If it isn't clean just sponge it down with cold water and brush it lightly to remove dirt or grit. If it's really dirty (these things happen!) hand wash it in cold water with Nikwax Tech wash. Don't dry clean or wash your waxed cotton pack. 

Rewaxing cotton

Now your bag is clean...

  1. Spray Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof onto the outer of the bag, paying close attention to the seams and area s of high wear. The waterproofing will look opaque and white, don't worry - it will dry clear! 

  2. Once you've sprayed the bag, rub the cotton proof into the fabric and remove any excess.

  3. Buff the bag.

  4. Let the bag hang dry in a well ventilated area, avoid humid places! It may take a coupld of days to completely dry.

  5. Bob's your uncle! A rewaxed bag ready for your next adventure! 

Can I send my bag somewhere to be rewaxed?

Yes! If you don't fancy rewaxing your own bag, you can send it off to Rewax and they'll do it for you. Head over to rewax.co.uk for more information.

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

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