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How to pack a Double Dozer

So you have gotten yourself a Double Dozer, a lovely 2-person sleeping mat for comfy nights of camping with a friend. As can so often happen though, when it comes to packing up everyone else suddenly becomes very busy and has to run off somewhere to do something "super important". Here you sit, with a mamoth of a mattress wandering how on earth you can possibly get it back into its bag...

The Double Dozer is quite the beast but it can be packed single-handedly with a little practice. This is a little step-by-step for how you can get your mattress back into the bag on your own, just make sure you have the elastic straps close to hand before you start!

1 - With both valves open, fold the mat in half lengthways and start rolling it up. Kneel on the roll as you go to squeeze more air out.
2 - Once you have rolled it up do up both valves and then unroll the mat
3 - Roll it again, this time with the valves closed. 
4 - Once rolled, keeping as much weight on it as you can open one valve at a time to let the air out then close the valve again
5 - If needed, repeat step 4 to get a bit more air out
6 - Keep the mat tightly rolled (I find hugging or a good thigh-grip works best) and get the elastic straps around it

And that's how to roll up the Double Dozer on your own.

Updated: Mar 15, 2017

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