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How do we measure volume ?

All 1 litre - Approximately

We often talk about the size of rucksacks, bike luggage and bags in terms of litre capacity however calculating that capacity is not as simple as filling them up with water: in most cases they simply leak!

To provide a more tangible way of determining what this capacity means in real terms, I have been spending my time recently filling our new products (and some of our current range) with socks!  It sounds crazy but we have a lot of size 3-5 Akdrenalin socks just sitting on the shelf and each pair is roughly 1/8th of a litre in size. 

How did I find that out?

Well, I filled three of our products to the brim with socks: a Mytipot (which has a capacity of 1350 ml of water); a 1 litre Airlok drybag and our large Fuel Pod which, if you take the measurements, should equate to having 1 litre of space. Each of them can fit eight pairs of Akdrenalin socks inside and voilà - each pair is 1/8th and each sock approximately 1/16th a litre. 

Armed with this knowledge you can stuff a bag to its brim with socks and figure out the "clothing" litreage. It may not be the most scientific method and it may give different answers for other retailers' kit, but we think it is the fairest and easiest way to measure the size of anything. 

If in doubt - get your socks out........


Created: Jan 24, 2014

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