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How do I use a heat patch?

Do you have a small hole in your down Jacket or Sleeping bag? Or did you manage to rip/tear it ? 

Drop us an e-mail: support@alpkit.com and we can sort you out a patch to repair it, don't forget to let us know the colour of your kit!! - We must stress though that it is at your own risk. We are more than happy to repair it at Alpkit HQ while keeping any cost to you as low as possible if not free.

The first thing to do is to clear all of the down out of the way, in a sleeping bag give it a good shake while holding the hole closed, to make the down all go to one end of the baffle, just so it is away from your rip. With a jacket it is a little bit harder, but try to get as much out of the way as possible while still keeping it in the jacket.

To place the patch on top just peel off the back and lay the shiny side down and iron for 30secs or so. However to give it a professional look, you can always patch it on the inside - clear as much down away from the areas as possible, get a zip-tie or end of a spoon in there to push all the down away from the hole;

The next thing to do is to roll up the patch with the shiny side on the inside of the tube. That way you can slot it into the hole and unroll it inside,

Once you have got it in, make sure there isn't any down in between the Jacket and the patch. If there is, once it is ironed on and the glue is set it will show every lump where the down was stuck.

Before ironing the patch on make sure to smooth out the jacket and place it in the best way possible. It is worth spending some time at this point to straighten out the fabric, trim any loose bits and hide as much of the patch as possible. 

The last thing to do is get the iron on it!!!

The zip, poppers and zip grips don't like being ironed, so be careful not to melt these. Squash all of the air out of the jacket and turn the iron to it's lowest setting.

All of our down products currently are made from a plastic material, Nylon - this melts!! The glue on the patches melts at 160 C which is lower than the jackets material melting point. You could try testing the iron on a small part of the jacket before heating the patched area, it shouldn't melt.

Hold it on the area the patch covers for a few seconds, this should secure the patch in place, if the iron needs to be warmer, turn it up slowly and do not overheat the fabric. 

Repeat this a couple more times not leaving the iron on it for longer than 5 seconds and there you go, good as new - 

If you do have any trouble, don't hesitate to get in touch, give us a call on 01773764342, drop us an e-mail or message on Facebook or Twitter.

Have fun - Jay

Disclaimer - There is a chance to melt your jacket if the temperature is too high on your iron. As mentioned before we are more than happy to repair any Alpkit product, normally only costing the postage back to us. If you are unsure give us a call.

We can't be held responsible if you damage your jacket, however we will endeavour to repair the damage or help you out with a new product if it goes wrong.

Updated: Feb 07, 2012

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