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How breathable is the Hunka bivi bag?

Using a Hunka bivy bag as part of your sleeping system will protect it from rain, drips and snow. What the Hunka is not is a permanent waterproof cover for your bag. Even though it is breathable you are likely to get a build up of moisture inside the bag which over period of time will make you bag feel clammy and eventually go mouldy. At every oppurtunity you should let your bag air.

Current Goretex/Event air perm bivi fabric get 25,000mvtr, old Taslan Gortex around 15,000 and our fabric about 10,000mvtr which in real terms means that if your not breathing into it, then it is breathable enough. Some conditions you do get condensation on the inside of the fabric but for most people this seems to be managable.

Updated: Jan 24, 2008

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