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Gamma Headtorch Instructions

The Gamma has a one button operation - 

Front Light - Press on button

  • XP-C CREE :  High > Low > Flashing > Off
  • Press ON for 3 seconds to switch between Cree LED and coloured LED’s cycles
  • Coloured LED’s : White On > Green On > Red On > Red Flashing > Off
  • Press OFF it stays on at any mode for over 3 seconds

Rear Light

  • Red LED : On > Flashing > Off


  • 3xAAA. Rear cover is opened by twisting off the cap opposite the wire. Diagram on cover
  • Batteries are inserted as per diagram inside battery case
  • Cap must be pushed on firmly before twisting closed

Download the Gamma PDF instruction sheet.

Created: Jan 09, 2014

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What size is the fork steerer that comes with the Camino Ti?

The fork steerer that comes with the Camino Ti is 1 1/2" - 1 1/8", tapered, and 300 mm long.

Created: Jun 15, 2017

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How much does international shipping for Sonder Bikes and Love Mud Wheels cost?

We find it pretty exciting to see our Sonder bikes carried off by the postie to destinations across the world! International delivery prices for Sonder Bikes depends on where in the world you are:

  • Europe - £25

  • USA - £66

  • Australia/New Zealand/Brazil - £149

  • Argentina/Brazil/Chile/ South America - £199

  • Rest of the world - £99

For wheels and frames, we international shipping rates are as follows:

  • Europe £15

  • US £30

  • Rest of World £50

Delivery charges will be automatically added to your order at the checkout.

Created: Jun 02, 2017

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Returns via Collect+


Collect+ is an alternative method for you to return parcels through a network of over 6,000 local convenience stores.

  • Parcels can be dropped at a local Collect+ store, 7 days per week and during the evening
  • The parcel is scanned and a receipt with a tracking code is created
  •  Parcels can be up to 10 kg and 60 x 50 x 50 cm

+ The stores are a combination of retail facias, such as Co-Op, McColls and Spar, as well as independent local stores at the heart of the community

+ Over 85% of the UK population is no more than 1 mile from a Collect+ location

+ Go to http://www.collectplus.co.uk/storefinder or use the link when you generate a label to find your nearest store. 

You can also text COLLECT and the postcode to 84555 (e.g. COLLECT WD17 1HP). Texts from 84555 are free to receive. Texts to 84555 are charged at your standard network rate.


The Collect+ returns service is 2-3 working days, Monday – Saturday (Excluding Bank Holidays).

To return an item to us using Collect+, please follow this link: https://www.alpkit.com/support/stickies/returns

Created: May 26, 2017

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Tetri pitching instructions

Thanks to a few simple but well thought out features like colour coded poles, tabs and clips putting up our Tetri outer pitch first geodesic tent is a breeze. Ben demonstrates how from the comfort of our Hathersage store.

Created: May 23, 2017

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Viso pitching instructions

Thanks to a few simple but well thought out features like colour coded poles, tabs and clips putting up our Viso outer pitch first tunnel tent is a breeze. Ben demonstrates how from the comfort of our Hathersage store.

Created: May 22, 2017

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Webbing colour change

For a short time production of this product will be with black webbing instead of the grey featured in the photography. This is a temporary measure until we take delivery of grey webbing next month. If you absolutely need grey webbing please let us know when you place your order using the notes field. This may delay your order.

Created: May 22, 2017

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Which wheelset for which Sonder Bike?

Buying wheels for your bike can be pretty baffling. Here are the bikes that you can stick your wheelset onto.

Love Mud Wheelset Which Sonder Bike?
LM Orbit Camino Al, Camino Ti
LM Volution Camino Al, Camino Ti
LM Hobo 29er Broken Road, Frontier
LM Rumpus 650b+ 100/142 None of our Sonder Bikes
LM Rumpus 650b+ boost Broken Road, Frontier, Transmitter
LM Hurly Burly Vir Fortis

Created: May 16, 2017

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Can the Love Mud Juice be converted for a 15 x 100 mm axle?

We're afraid it can't be converted. 

Created: May 16, 2017

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Can I get boost hub wheelsets in a standard hub size?

We're afraid not! However we do offer a few wheelsets with standard hubs for you to take a look at.

For Mountain Bikes, the Rumpus 650b+ is available in both boost and standard 100/142 sizing.

Created: May 16, 2017

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Can I run a tyre with a width outside of the recommended range for the wheelset?

In brief, no. Although it is physically possible to put tyres on your bike that are wider or narrower than the recommended range, it is unsafe to do so as the tyres would not fit the wheelset properly. Our recommended tyre width ranges are the maximum and minimum tyre sizes that are safe to use on the wheelset.

Created: May 16, 2017

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Is the Juice dynamo hub upgrade available on any wheels?

The Juice dynamo hub upgrade is only available with the Love Mud Orbit and Love Mud Volution wheelsets.

Created: May 16, 2017

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Do wheelsets come with QR and bolt-through adapters?

In brief, yes for all wheelsets except for the Love Mus Rumpus 650b+ 100/142. For all the others you only have to ask for QR adapters (and send biscuits*)

As they come, our wheels are ready for bolt-through setups, however we send out QR adapters upon request. If you're ordering online you can request QR adapters in the 'notes' field at the checkout so that we know to pop them in. 

If you're ordering HurlyBurly wheels, drop us a line about QR adapters before you put your order in.

*You don't really have to send biscuits.

Created: May 16, 2017

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Bulk Order Discount

We aim to keep our prices awesome at all times for all our customers. However, if you are bulk ordering 10 or more of one product, then we can offer you our bulk discount, passing on what we save on postage, processing and despatch. 

  • 10% off 10+ of a product
  • 15% off 15+ of a product

To use our bulk order discount, please contact us on 01773 417007 or email support@alpkit.com


Terms and Conditions

1. Bulk orders apply to orders of 10 or more of the same product, i.e. an order of 10 x Kepler short sleeve base layer, or 20 x Viper headtorch

2. Multiple colours are accepted in bulk orders.

3. Multiple sizes are accepted in clothing bulk orders.

Created: May 12, 2017

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Accident replacement scheme

There is nothing like nice shiny kit to make you feel superhuman. However sometimes mysterious powers intervene, a do-gooder does something dumb, or you are just plain unlucky. Maybe your well-meaning gran bleached your down sleeping bag, you reversed over your new carbon rims, or your cat took pleasure in perforating your Dozer sleeping mat. We have all been there, but that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. 

Our accident replacement scheme was created to soften the blow of accidental damage to your beloved Alpkit products. If a product is beyond repair we will offer you a discount on a new replacement item. We determine the scale of the discount and you must send the product back to us so that we know it is out-of-circulation. Damage from normal wear and tear does not apply.

  • Up to 50% discount first month.
  • Up to 30% discount 1 month – 6 months.
  • Up to 20% discount second year.
  • Up to 10% discount third year.


  1. The cost of returning your damaged goods is at your expense. It is your responsibility to ensure the goods arrive with us.
  2. Please make sure returned items are clean and safe for transport.
  3. You must provide proof of purchase (such as your order number or email receipt).
  4. The replacement offer applies to original owner only.
  5. Our decision on whether a claim is genuine is final.
  6. Damage sustained from normal wear and tear does not apply.
  7. The value of this accident replacement discount will be determined by us.
  8. The discount can only be used on the same product - or in the event of an item being out of stock - a like for like product and solely for the purpose of the accident replacement.
  9. The discount can only be applied on the full retail price and not on top of any other discounts or promotions running.

Please email support@alpkit.com to make a claim.

Created: Apr 26, 2017

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Continuum Project

What is Continuum Project?

The Continuum Project is set up to make it easy for you to donate your outdoor kit directly to those who need it most and keep your kit out of landfill.

The idea is simple. You send us outdoor garments that you no longer use and we pass them on to charities who will be able to give the garment directly to someone who needs it for protection from the elements.

Occasionally, when the garment is deemed no longer fit for its original purpose, they will be donated to scientific research projects relating to the outdoor industry, and up/downcycling projects.


What can I donate?

You can donate any item of outdoor clothing (outerlayers, insulation layers, mid layers, base layer tops). We cannot accept underwear.

All garments must be in usable condition so they must be clean and functional. For advice on how to clean technical garments, please see our support page stickies.

If you have any queries about an item that you wish to donate, please email support@alpkit.com

How do I send garments to you?

Please fill in the Continuum Project Donation form and send the item(s) to us using our free Royal Mail Tracked service. Please make sure to type "continuum" in the order number field:

You can create a shipping label for your donation here:



Why are we doing it?

The Outdoor Industry thrives because of the environment we live in, yet, counterintuitively, to produce the kit we need, we are contributing to the environmental nasties that come with any sort of production.

Here at Alpkit, our Product Team are a conscientious bunch and aim to design products to be durable and extend their usable lifetime. One of the best methods to protect the environment from production processes is to use stuff for longer. Extending the average life of clothes by just three months per garment would give a 5-10% reduction in the carbon, water and waste footprints.

Currently, the consumption of clothing in the UK alone equates to 38 million tonnes of CO2e being produced - that's the equivalent of every household in the UK driving a car for 6000 miles and produces 1.8 million tonnes of waste every year!

But once the Product Team have done their bit, it’s over to you. A huge proportion of the environmental cost of clothing comes from how you use and dispose of it. The best way to reduce the environmental cost of clothing is the way you use it and dispose of it.

Altering laundry habits can reduce the footprint by a further 6%. This essentially involves washing clothing less often and at lower temperatures. But make sure that you give your washing machine a service wash regularly or else it won't clean your clothes at lower temperatures. Service washes should be done every 20 - 30 washes. To do this, simply clean out the detergent drawer and run your machine at its highest temperature using 1/2 cup of white wine vinegar instead of wash powder. You can put a rag in the drum to help or leave it empty. The bonus to this is it will make your washing machine last loads longer, too!
Once the time finally comes for you to part ways with your garment, the main objective is to keep it out of landfill. Currently, in the UK alone, 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill each year.

Recycling is a 'last resort' option. The energy cost of recycling textiles is relatively high so reuse, upcycling and downcycling are far better options. This is where Continuum Project comes in!

Who are our Charity Partners?

This is an ever-expanding list. We value transparency down the chain so that we can see the direct benefit from the donations. We work with homeless charities and outdoor education charities. We prioritise charities based in the local area to minimise further shipping where possible.

  • Canaan Trust: Nottinghamshire based homelessness charity whose aim is to "rebuild their lives, regain their self esteem, rebuild their self confidence". Cannan Trust is our first port of call due to their extended network amongst various charities including frontline homelessness.
  • PlayWorks ScrapStore: "PlayWorks, aims to improve the quality and quantity of Play provision for Children and Young People in Nottingham... by providing resources like the ScrapStore, the Art Shop, along with Training, and Information and the chance for people to get together and share ideas.". PlayWorks are our go-to group for ensuring any scrap textiles that can no longer be used for the original purpose but can be used by artists, students and children to create something new and wonderful!
  • Three Peaks Africa/ Kilimanjara Porters Assistance Project: With an aim for travel to be seen as a force for good whilst encouragaing a circular economy. We will be sending Donations to porters in the mountain regions through Three Peaks Africa therefore mitigating any carbon cost of shipping donations internationally.

What happens to the donations?

Continuum Project is carried out to help out those in need whilst reducing the impact that the Outdoor Industry has on the environment. Our primary aim is, with the assistance of our Charity Partners, use the donations help those in need. This may be the homeless in need of some warm clothing, outdoor education projects in need of some waterproofs or anywhere in between. Our secondary aim is to ensure that zero donations end up in landfill. If a donation cannot be used for its original purpose, we will pass it to Charitable Partners for upcycling, downcycling or scientific research.


Further info:

WRAP - Valuing Our Clothes: http://www.wrap.org.uk/sites/files/wrap/VoC%20FINAL%20online%202012%2007%2011.pdf#page=2

WRAP - Clothing Knowledge Hub - http://ckh.wrap.org.uk/design/designForReuseAndRepair?breadcrumb=Explore+by%3A+Impact

Created: Apr 04, 2017

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Kilimanjaro Kit List: What to pack

If you are planning an exotic adventure, Mt. Kilimanjaro (a mighty 5895m above sea level, situated in North Tanzania), is the highest peak in Africa and may be one of the finest trekking peaks in the world.

Most climbers take 5-7 days to reach Uhuru Peak and use the opportunity to spend some time experiencing Africa.

Most routes up the mountain (apart from the Marangu route) will involve camping.  If you use a company offering a package for flights and the climb, they will often offer you the use of a good quality tent and the help of Sherpas for getting your kit up to the higher camps. 

You will be expected to carry your own 25-35 l bag during the days, with any extra kit being carried by the Sherpas.  As with any expedition, having the right kit is essential and will be the difference between a comfortable trip or a very unpleasant experience.

What should I take?

If you take your own tent, it will need to be able to deal with heavy storms, rocky ground, and potentially very cold temperatures.  Something like the Kangri would be perfect to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

Sleeping Mat
You are going to want a decent mat to sleep on.  Something with good thermal properties will during cold nights further up the route, but also comfortable enough for a whole weeks camping.  Something like the Airo 180 would be an ideal lightweight option, or a Dirtbag if you can spare the extra weight. 

Sleeping Bag
A down fill provides the best warmth/weight ratio with excellent compressibility for a small pack size. However, you must ensure to keep it dry (packing it into a dry bag during the day is probably safest) When down gets wet, it loses all thermal efficiency.

You are going to be trekking from bushland/rainforest conditions lower down all the way up to alpine desert/arctic conditions at the top and so picking the right bag can be tricky.  At the high camps, you want to have something with a comfort temperature rating down to about –10°C. Something like the Pipedream 600 or Skyehigh 900 bags is a good option. A liner is a good addition if you are an especially cold sleeper and to keep your sleeping bag smelling fresh for longer. Our Masson liner is composed of polyester and excellent value or our Mantua silk liner offers ultimate comfort.

At camp, there are going to be a few other things you will need.  A lamp, such as a Lampray, for in your tent at night will be essential, especially for leaving early on summit day when you will need to get ready in the dark. The Lampray will also charge your phone or camera from its built-in USB port, so you don't miss out on any of those picture moments! 

You will also need a bright headtorch for getting around camp at night and essential for that pre-dawn summit day on the slopes of Kibo.  We sell a range of torches; the Gamma II and Qark are great choices.

Remember not to forget those spare batteries for your head torch or you will be spending a lot of time in the dark!

Layering Systems

Having the right clothing is very important for the trek to keep you comfortable at all times throughout the varies climates you will travel through.  A crucial part of this is going to be your boots:  They need to be sturdy with good ankle support.  A waterproof membrane (such as Gore Tex or similar) will keep your feet dry in wetter weather.  Make sure you have worn in the boots before you get there, and bring some blister plasters just in case. 

You will want sweat-wicking base layers/t-shirts such as those from our Kepler merino range. You will want 2 - 3 of these so opting for one of our bundles may be a good choice.

A good quality fleece, some comfortable and lightweight walking trousers, such as our Chilkoot, and an insulated down jacket, such as our Filo.  A good jacket will be important to keep you warm at higher altitudes but also at camp in the evening as something comfortable and insulating to slip on.


Some comfortable underwear (our Kepler underwear will leave you pretty smug) is essential as well as some good quality walking socks such as our Trekkers or Heavy Weight Trekkers.  Some Long Johns and thermal gloves will be handy for higher up on the mountain and the cold summit day. 

Food & Drink

On most trips you will be provided with food and hot drinks at camp but you will need a good water flask or hydration bladder throughout the day.  You will be losing water just from breathing at altitude and sweating plenty whilst climbing, so staying hydrated is essential.  Severe dehydration can help bring on Acute Mountain Sickness which in some cases will be enough to force you to descend to lower heights.  It is worth taking some water purifying tablets with you to clean water, it won't taste great but at least it will be clean and the last thing you want on the mountain is a bad tummy! 

Little Essential Extras

Other items you don’t want to forget:

Towel – our Osmo is an uber lightweight option but not one for walking around in!

Basic toiletries (including loo roll)

High factor sun cream/chapstick (our Pro Balm lip balm is ace)

Sunglasses with good UV protection – our Krugers will do the trick

Sun hat

Gaiters (at certain times of year the dust can get everywhere). 

A good quality pair of trekking poles, our CarbonLites are an excellent compact, lightweight option.

You will need to talk to your doctor prior to leaving about Malaria tablets and other vaccinations you might need and he will start you on a course of medication.  You will need to carry certificates of these vaccinations along with your visas and other travel documents.


Thinking carefully about what kit you are going to take will make your trip way more comfortable and ultimately increase your chances of making it to the summit!  On the other hand, if you take the wrong gear, you could potentially put yourself in danger on the mountain and ruin what should be a fantastic experience.

Created: Mar 28, 2017

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How to pack a Double Dozer

So you have gotten yourself a Double Dozer, a lovely 2-person sleeping mat for comfy nights of camping with a friend. As can so often happen though, when it comes to packing up everyone else suddenly becomes very busy and has to run off somewhere to do something "super important". Here you sit, with a mamoth of a mattress wandering how on earth you can possibly get it back into its bag...

The Double Dozer is quite the beast but it can be packed single-handedly with a little practice. This is a little step-by-step for how you can get your mattress back into the bag on your own, just make sure you have the elastic straps close to hand before you start!

1 - With both valves open, fold the mat in half lengthways and start rolling it up. Kneel on the roll as you go to squeeze more air out.
2 - Once you have rolled it up do up both valves and then unroll the mat
3 - Roll it again, this time with the valves closed. 
4 - Once rolled, keeping as much weight on it as you can open one valve at a time to let the air out then close the valve again
5 - If needed, repeat step 4 to get a bit more air out
6 - Keep the mat tightly rolled (I find hugging or a good thigh-grip works best) and get the elastic straps around it

And that's how to roll up the Double Dozer on your own.

Created: Mar 15, 2017

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Accident Replacement Scheme

There is nothing like nice shiny kit to make you feel superhuman, but sometimes mysterious powers intervene, a do-gooder does something dumb or you are just plain unlucky. Maybe your well-meaning gran bleached your down sleeping bag, perhaps you reversed over your nice carbon rims or maybe you cat took delight in perforating your Dozer sleeping mat. We have all been there, but it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. 

Our accident replacement scheme is designed to soften the blow of accidental damage to your beloved Alpkit products. If a product is beyond repair we will offer you a discount on a new replacement item. The scale of the discount is determined by us, and you should send the product back to us so that we know it is out-of-circulation. Damage from normal wear and tear does not apply.

Up to 50% discount within first month

Up to 30% discount within 1 – 6 months

Up to 20% discount within 6  - 24 months

Up to 10% discount within 24 – 36 months

The cost of returning your damaged goods is at your expense. It is your responsibility to ensure the goods arrive with us.
Please make sure returned items are clean and safe for transport.
You must provide proof of purchase (such as your order number or email receipt).
The replacement offer applies to original owner only.
Our decision on whether a claim is genuine is final.
Damage sustained from normal wear and tear does not apply.
The final value of the accident replacement discount will be determined by us.
The discount can only be used on the same product - or in the event of an item being out of stock - a like for like product and solely for the purpose of the accident replacement.
The discount can only be applied on the full retail price and not on top of any other discounts or promotions running. 

Created: Mar 01, 2017

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Can I set up Sonder Frontier to run as a single speed

That is a very worthy question. We have a few singlespeeders here so we are not surprised to hear you ask. Frontier does not have horizontal dropouts or an eccentric botom bracket (don't they always creak anyway?) So to run Frontier as a singlespeed you will need to use a chain tensioner.

Created: Feb 16, 2017

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Skiing kit list

It's always tricky knowing what to pack for your ski trip, especially keeping the weight of your luggage under your limit. Here is a little list of top tips and gear advice about what to take on your ski holiday.

Ski stuff

  • Ski jacket
  • Trousers
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • And if you have them, boots, skis and/or board!

Heroic hint #1  Save weight and wear your ski jacket on the plane and if you can get your salopettes in your hand luggage you’ll save a bit of room and weight in your hold bag. A friend of mine recently saved on hold luggage by getting all of their clothes for the week into their ski bag and still somehow managed to be under their weight limit. It can be done! 

Heroic hint #2 Stash delicate things like your goggles inside your helmet and pad it out with your gloves so they are well protected. 

If you are on the market for a new ski jacket, our heavy-weight waterproof, the Definition, might be worth a glance (especially the green one!) It's perfect for skiing. 


Mid layers

I would take two fleeces with you; a thicky and a thinny. Then if it's really chilly you can wear them both, and a base layer! I took the Laika away on my ski trip this year as my thinny and it was perfect; stretchy and warm! 

Base layers

I usually take a few different thermal tops and bottoms. I take more tops as they get smelly with all the hardcore skiing you’ll be doing. Our merino Kepler base layers will keep you smelling sweet for a while longer as merino naturally fights odours. A neck warmer is also very useful, especially on the chilly days. Have a look at our merino Kepler Draught Excluder and if you don’t fancy merino our normal Draught Excluder

Take lots of pairs of ski socks and normal socks, as well as lots of undies! If you are taking your own boots, try to get as many as you can stuffed inside to save on space. 


Holiday-sized toiletries are always good, again saving on weight, it all adds up! You can buy all this stuff in the resort but it will be expensive, so check out our Squij bottles to take your own fave gels and wash stuff.

Lip balm is a very good idea. The cold air and sun is not kind to skin.  

It's definitely handy to have some paracetamol and ibuprofen for the days after you've gone a bit too hard on the apres ski! Plasters are also a good idea and a bit of pain relief gel in case you get sore ski boot legs. 

Casual clothes

You're going to need less normal clothes than your average holiday as you will be in your ski gear most of the day. So pack light and take only what you will definitely need. Take your best check shirt!

Don’t forget your swimmers! Most resorts have pretty good swimming pools and spas which are always good for tired legs. Or if your chalet is posh enough you’ll have a hot tub! 

And lastly, don’t forget your beanie

Created: Feb 14, 2017

Sticky Note

Alpkit 0% Bike Finance

We like to make everything as easy and happy as we can for all our lovely customers so we are constantly aiming to extend on what we already do to provide the best possible experience for you so we have introduced a range of finance option to help you purchase bikes (and other products) and spread those payments.

We offer a range of low cost finance options for all orders over £500.

We offer the following finance options on all orders that meet the minimum value:

  • 12 or 24 months 9.9% over £500
  • 6 months interest free finance over £999
  • 9 months interest free finance over £1500

And the process is really easy! 

  1. Add what you want to buy to your basket. It can be bikes, tents or any of our products as long as the total order value is over £500
  2. Checkout using Pay By Finance as your payment method
  3. Complete the Online Application for an instant decision
  4. Wait for your goodies to arrive

For more information regarding our finance options, please see here

Created: Feb 08, 2017

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My shell doesn’t feel breathable/ waterproof

So you bought a waterproof jacket, now here’s how to get the most out of it.
A layering system only works as well as the poorest layer in the system (the weakest link in the chain, if you like). It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the most breathable waterproof in the world, if you are wearing a cotton t-shirt underneath it, you will get cold and damp. Likewise, if you are wearing a non-breathable insulation piece underneath your shell, then that will limit the breathability of your clothing system – not the waterproof shell.
Your baselayer needs to wick moisture away from your skin, and your mid-layers need to provide insulation but allow moisture to pass out easily. Fleece is great at doing this in most environments, and for colder conditions, breathable insulation (like the Katabatic) works really well. 

Wear the appropriate amount of clothing for your activity level. Start off cool (especially if you are going to be walking uphill) as you will soon warm up once you start moving. Add layers when you stop, rather than having to stop to take off layers when you are moving. Adding a waterproof layer will make you feel warmer, as it cuts out the effects of the wind. So when you put your shell on, you might want to consider removing a layer underneath to compensate.
If you are wearing too much, you will sweat more and that means your clothing system must work harder to get rid of this moisture build up to stop you from feeling damp inside your shell. Insulation layers for static use i.e. down jackets, traditional synthetic insulation, are great if it is extremely cold or you are moving slowly, but often if you layer a waterproof shell over the top you will wind up overheating and accumulating moisture inside your shell. Keep those items for use when you are static, or if it’s cold and dry use them as your outer layer instead of your waterproof shell.
 A few top tips:

  •  You don’t have to wear your waterproof if it’s not raining (shocker!). Yes it works as a windproof layer, but sometimes this is overkill and you’d be better off and more comfortable not wearing it.
  • ​Keep it clean! Your waterproof will work better if you keep it clean and re-proof it when necessary.
  • ​If you are running in a light weight shell, try to adjust your rucksack so it doesn’t bounce around, as this can cause excess abrasion on lightweight fabrics.
  • If you carry your ice axe down the back of your rucksack (between the shoulder straps), be careful where the adze sits: most fabrics aren’t ice axe proof!

Created: Jan 31, 2017

Sticky Note

What type of gas canister do I need?

All our stoves use a threaded gas cylinder, although they can run with a camping-gaz cylinder with an adapter. There are more blends of camping gas than there are blended whiskeys, and in the case of gas, a single malt isn’t always better. Most gas is a mixture of propane, butane and isobutane, in varying quantities which generally you don’t need to pay much attention to.


In cold weather below 10C (so pretty relevant in the UK year round), the blend of gas can actually be quite important. First time for an AlpChemistry lesson from an old GCSE Revision book. The boiling points of the main components are as follows:

Propane -42C
Isobutane -12C
Butane 0.5C

These are the temperatures at which the gas will vapourise, the higher the ambient temperature is above these temperatures the more the pressurised gas wants to be free and so exerts a higher pressure on the cylinder. Hence for camping we don’t use pure propane despite its cold weather suitability; the cylinder would need to be super thick and weigh a tonne! On the other hand, butane at 5C is very close to its boiling point so isn’t so fussed about being contained in a canister. But, this means that the vapourisation rate isn’t enough to power your general stove. A combination of these properties is needed, so we combine the gases! We can also add some isobutane to the mix, it’s basically butane with a facelift, same number of carbons and hydrogens just rearranged more efficiently so the boiling point is lower (I didn’t pass A level chemistry so can’t say why).

In short, for regular use a blend of butane and propane will be absolutely fine, but when the going gets cold, get a isobutane/propane mix (generally advertised as a winter blend) you will notice the difference, especially with our Kraku, Landar and Brukits. The Kraku is a little different as it has a preheating tube which acts a turbocharger for stoves in cold weather. The cold gas from the cylinder is heated well above its boiling point before burning so it burns more efficiently. This doesn’t change the overall pressure in the canister so isobutane is still an advantage, but you can also invert the cylinder to help boost performance.

Gas at altitude

This shouldn’t make a difference for stove use, in fact, the higher you are the greater the pressure differential will be which makes the gas work better. However, it also tends to get colder the higher you climb (about 0.5C for every 300m gain) which makes the gas not work as effectively. Ultimately this means that the gains and losses balance out so that altitude makes little difference! Though for an isobutane mix you are still limited to around -7C.

Make your stove work better in the cold

No-one wants to have to wait longer for their pasta to cook after a long day winter climbing, let alone when you’re camping in a freezing Scottish layby. So here’s a few tips for getting your Alpkit stove working better in the cold:

Start with a warm canister - stuff it under your jacket, or keep it in your sleeping bag between uses.
Keep it warm by insulating the canister from the snowy ground - a simple wooden chopping board works well if you’re car camping, or a bit of foam mat.
Get a windshield - if it’s cold, it’s probably windy, a Concertina will keep the precious heated air close to your pan and keep the flame from blowing out.

Created: Dec 20, 2016

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Quark: How to remove the Qark strap

In this video I show how you can take the strap off a Qark head torch.


Created: Dec 16, 2016

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Alpkit Finance Options

Example finance application page

Alpkit Finance now available

  • Quick decision-making on online credit applications.
  • Current offer: 0% APR representative finance available on all orders over £999 and 9.9% APR available on all orders over £500.

Options available:

  • 6 months interest free finance over £999.

  • 9 months interest free finance over £1500.

  • 12 months 9.9% over £500.

  • 24 months 9.9% over £500.

All finance payments require a minimum of 10% deposit to be paid upfront.

Is there a fee to use finance?

In order for us to provide finance as a payment option we add a £20 fee to your total. We are charged for every finance order placed.  We split the cost with you to make offering finance affordable on both sides. The fee is added to the total amount that you finance, so it isn't an extra up-front charge.

Quick and easy application process

Applying for finance is fast and easy! Simply select "Pay by Finance" at the checkout or call us on 01773 417007 to apply for finance.

Our Customer Support Heroes will take your order and send a phone or email link to the finance application. You'll be automatically redirected to the payment provider 'Close Brothers Retail Finance' to complete your finance application online. Please complete your details accordingly, Close Brothers Retail Finance will assess your credit application and give you a decision within 5 seconds (if no further underwriting is required). 

Are you eligible?

Close Brothers Retail Finance will conduct the necessary credit checks and references in order to confirm your eligibility for the credit application:

  • You must have a good credit history with no history of late repayments or payment issues.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

  • You must be a permanent UK resident with at least 3 years of continual address history.

  • You must be in full-time employment, unless you are retired or a house-person with a spouse in full-time employment.

  • You must have a UK bank account capable of accepting direct debits.

  • The goods must be delivered to your home address.

  • Please note that discount/voucher codes cannot be applied to items purchased with the finance option.

  • Subject to T&Cs  


How much can I borrow?

The maximum lending amount in additional to the upfront deposit is £10,000.

Is a deposit required?

A minimum deposit of 10% is required on all orders. The deposit is taken at the end of the Close Brothers Retail Finance application process by debit or credit card. 


How are my monthly payments made?

Your monthly repayments will be taken via direct debit from your chosen bank account.

What type of items can I buy on finance?

You are able to purchase any items on our website that total £500 or more through the finance options available.

What length of repayment is available?

You can select 12, 24 or 36 months repayment time depending on the finance plan selected and the qualifying purchase amount. 

Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes, please contact Close Brothers Retail Finance directly 0844 880 6542 in order to make additional payments...

Standard information and regulatory status of Close Brothers

For finance agreements provided by Close Brothers Retail Finance, Alpkit Ltd acts as an introducer of unregulated credit products. Close Brothers Retail Finance is a trading name of Close Brothers Limited. For more information please visit www.closeretailfinance.co.uk.

Created: Dec 13, 2016

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Which rope is right for me?

Created: Dec 06, 2016

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Prism 630 operation

Prism 630 has 5 modes which are selected by the switch on top of the light unit.


Long press to switch on, click again to cycle through output modes:

HIGH (500 lumen) > MED (230 lumen) > LOW (130 lumen) >  8 Hz FLASHING

To turn Prism 630 off press and hold once after 10 seconds in any mode.

To select BOOST MODE press and hold the button from any mode. BOOST will stay on while the button is being pressed for a maximum of 1 minute.


To recharge attach the Micro USB cable to the port on the torch. Do not attempt to recharge if not using rechargeable batteries as there is risk of an explosion. A small light on the torch indicates the charging status:

RED ON - Charging, GREEN ON - Fully charged

Created: Nov 29, 2016

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Boson operation

Boson has 5 modes which are selected by the switch on top of the light unit.


Long press to switch on, click again to cycle through output modes:

HIGH (850 lumen) > MED (320 lumen) > LOW (100 lumen) >  6Hz FLASHING > 3 Hz FLASHING

To turn Boson off press and hold once after 10 seconds in any mode.

While in operation a small LED light indicates the remaining battery power:

GREEN ON - High power, RED ON - Medium power, RED FLASHING - Low battery power


To recharge attach the Micro USB cable to the port on the torch. Do not attempt to recharge if not using rechargeable batteries as there is risk of an explosion. A small light on the torch indicates the charging status:

RED ON - Charging, GREEN ON - Fully charged


The handlebar mount is designed to fit 18 - 36 mm bars. Boson can be removed from the clamp when it is fixed to your handlebars.

Created: Nov 29, 2016

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Qark operation

Qark has two modes which are selected by the switch on top of the light unit.


Long press to switch on, click again to cycle through output modes:


To turn Qark off press once after 10 seconds in any mode.


Long press to switch on, click to cycle through the sensor modes:

MOTION SENSOR (Red Indicator ON) > LIGHT SENSOR (Blue Indicator ON) > OFF

When in Motion Sensor Mode, wave your hand in front of the IR Sensor to switch the LUXEON LED on and off. In this mode the torch will run at HIGH power.

When in Light Sensor Mode the LUXEON LED will blink twice. The brightness level will be automatically adjusted according to the environment, as you pass into darkness the power will pass from the 3 mm LEDs to the main LUXEON LED.

To turn Qark off press once after 10 seconds in any mode.


Long press to switch on, click again to cycle through output modes:


To turn Qark off press once after 10 seconds in any mode.


The battery cannot be removed from the battery pack. To recharge attach the Micro USB cable to the port on the side of the battery pack. The light unit will not function while charging is in process.

Created: Nov 28, 2016

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Which headtorch should I choose?

Created: Nov 23, 2016

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Pulsar waterproof top

In this video I take a look at the Pulsar waterproof. This is a 2.5 layer waterproof with a half length zip, great for going light and still containing all the features you'd want on or off the hill.

Created: Nov 17, 2016

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Phantac hydrophobic RDS jacket

In this video we cover the Phantac down jacket. This is our most technical down jacket and new for 2017 comes with Nikwax Hydrophobic RDS down.

Created: Nov 17, 2016

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Filo hydrophobic RDS jacket

In this video I take a look at this years Filo down jacket. We have made some major upgrades this year; fully featured, the Filo uses 650 (IDFB) fill power Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down and is RDS ceritified.

Created: Nov 16, 2016

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Top Tarp Tips - 5 ways to pitch a tarp

Our Rig tarps offer ultimate flexibility and can be pitched in as many orientations as you can imagine. Here are our top 5:

Top Tarp Tips Part 1 - Continuous Ridge Line
Top Tarp Tips Part 2 - The Reflect Wedge
Top Tarp Tips Part 3 - Buried Sand Bags
Top Tarp Tips Part 4 - Kayak Bivvy
Top Tarp Tips part 5 - Van Attachment


And finally, our step by step tarp-pitching photo guide.

Created: Nov 15, 2016

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Where does the palm oil in Extreme Foods come from?

The palm oil used in Extreme Food is certified as from responsible sources. It (or something similar) is required to assist in the high energy and low weight of the Extreme formula. Extreme Foods are keen to not be involved in anything that negatively affects the habitat of wildlife.

Created: Nov 11, 2016

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Shox Trekking Poles

In this video I take a look at the Shox trekking poles. These poles have a spring built into the handle to reduce the strains on your arms when on hard or rocky ground. The Shox are available as a single pole or a pair.


Created: Nov 11, 2016

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Filoment Hoody

In this video I take a look at the Filoment Hoody. Our latest take on a micro-baffle down jacket, the Filoment Hoody is equally at home at the crag or for a chilly walk to the shops. Fully featured, the Filoment Hoody uses 650 (IDFB) fill power Nikwax Hydrophobic duck down and is is RDS ceritified.

Created: Nov 04, 2016

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How fast do BruKits boil?

Support Hero, Dave, tested how many cups of tea he could make with the BruKit Jackal and Wolf - the results were fascinating!

First, Dave tested the boil times. The best times were acheived with an (almost) full 230 g gas canister with a propane/ isobutane mix:


Next, we tested how much gas the BruKits use and how the amount of gas in the canisiter affects the time taken to boil. Dave found the following using a 100g canister:

  • Each 500 ml of water boiled uses 5% of the gas in the canister

  • With a full gas canister, BruKit can boil 500 ml of water in 3 mins 10 sec

  • With an almost empty canister, this boil time increases to 4 mins 40 sec

  • 8 l of water can be boiled with 80 g of gas - that is 32 cups of tea!

  • The average boil time is 3 mins 24 sec across a whole gas canister. 

Created: Oct 25, 2016

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What is the difference between fill weight and fill power?

Quantity of fill
The more down you have in a bag the warmer it is, this is known as the Fill weight, (don’t confuse this with “Fill power” which is a measure of how good the down is: not all down is the same) This means that you can have a sleeping bag which either has:
Low fill power and Higher Fill weight (cheaper but bulkier and heavier)
Low fill weight and high Fill power (more expensive but more compact and lighter)

Fill Power
There is no substitute for good quality down and the easiest way to measure this is to check out its Fill Power, the higher the number the better it is. But attention, just because some thing has an extra hundred here and there doesn’t mean it substantially better.

The numbers game
In the last few years several brands have developed 900 fill power. Be aware, evolution doesn’t happen so fast, they haven’t developed Superduck. What they have done is get a bit better at sorting the pure down from the feathers and a awful lot better at getting the best test results from the same down quality they used before.

For what to look for when choosing a down sleeping bag, have a read of our handy guide.

Created: Oct 21, 2016

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What is goose/ duck down?

The fine feathers plucked from chest area of a plump waterfowl. Goose down is what fills our sleeping bags. Down is very good at keeping you warm, but if you can’t keep the bag dry then it cannot do it’s job well.

Fowl language
Ducks and Geese are the main source of down, but just what is down! Alright we are getting to it. Like all genuine birds these plump waterfowl have several types of feather. Some help keep them up in the air, some keep them warm, some keep them streamlined when floating about on the water and others well they don’t even know what they are themselves.

Flight Feathers
These are the most important feathers that a bird owns, without them they would fly as well as a dog, they would also need a lot more of the small fluffy downy ones as they would be walking out of the artic. Because they are so good at helping a bird fly, they are not much use as insulation.

Contour Feathers
These are the little critters that don’t know what they are. They look like feathers on the top portion and then turn in to loose fluffy feathers towards the base of their stems.

Down Plumage
Down feathers are small with no interlocking barbules and rachis that are soft and poorly developed. They grow continuously and never moult and lie under the contour feathers. On the majority of birds they are found on the breast and belly. This is the mythical down.

For what to look for when choosing a down sleeping bag, have a read of our handy guide.

Created: Oct 21, 2016

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Brukit Jackal and Brukit Wolf

In this video I take a look at our integrated cookware systems the Brukit Jackal and Brukit Wolf. These are our pair of all-in-one cook systems with the Jackal for solo sustenance and the Wolf for bigger appetites.


Created: Oct 19, 2016

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Chilkoot softshell trousers

In this video I take a look at the super stretchy  Chilkoot softshell trousers. A great choice for any outdoor activities, these give protection from wind, sun and even a bit of moisture. 


Created: Oct 19, 2016

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Cloud Cover

In this video I look at the Cloud Cover. This is our latest update on our down blanket which now includes Nikwax treated hydrophobic down and an integrated stuff pocket.

Created: Oct 11, 2016

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Viper II

In this video I take a look at the Viper 2 headtorch. This is an updated version of the original Viper which is brighter and has some great new features including a 280 Lumen burst.


Created: Oct 11, 2016

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Keeping up with the exchange rate fluctuations

Everyone remembers the day when their favourite chocky bar went up in price or even worse… went up in price and got smaller.

Frequent visitors will have noticed that the prices of some of our products have nudged up over the past couple of weeks. We hate having to put prices up, so what gives?

The first thing to say is that our products haven't been stripped down and the specs haven't got any less awesome. Infact we are working hard to improve our specs - like the RDS Nikwax Hydrophobic down just introduced in our Cloud Cover quilt. Ever since way back when we have always gone for straightforward prices. No hidden extras. We have no time for the yo-yo prices of high street retailers, price high to discount later or creating artificial retail prices just to sell off late in the season. 

Our little bit of magic is to pass on the benefits of short supply chains with our factories, a pumped up, fast stock turn and an equally pumped up team working to get stuff online, picked, packed and despatched as quickly as possible. We have always been about being direct, the fewer steps between you and your product the better.
So back to the bad news. The weaker pound since June has put our costs up by more than 15%. We’ve held off putting up our prices for as long as we can but now, as we buy more stock, we need to put up them up now. We still think our products are great value when compared to like for like products on the high street and, as the effects of the exchange rate trickle through to other manufacturers we believe you will see that gap widen further.

We price all our products to cover our costs, make sure we’re sustainable for the long term, at the very minimum pay our staff the national living wage and continue to develop, innovate and offer excellent support. We are committed to developing honest, great value, thought through outdoor equipment for many years to come.

Created: Oct 11, 2016

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How do I change the lenses on my Krugers?

Interchangable lenses on sunglasses can be a bit fiddly but it is easy once you get the hang of it. Simply, hold them upside down with arms facing away, holding lens gently. Then bend the frame so that the nose piece moves away and then lens will pop out. Then simply wiggle the new lens in.

Created: Sep 18, 2016

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Do the Jackal and Wolf pot supports fit the original BruKit?

The pot supports supplied with the BruKit Jackal and the BruKit Wolf do not fit on the original BruKit as the size of the burner has changed. There are currently no plans to provide a pot support for the original BruKit.

Created: Sep 15, 2016

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New BruKits

BruKit has been replaced by 2 new models:

BruKit Jackal - BruKits little brother, its 900 ml capacity is just enough to make yourself a pint of tea or a hearty soup and it packs down 23% smaller. Available now.

BruKit Wolf - BruKits bigger brother! it has a max capacity of 1400 ml. Available now.

Created: Sep 14, 2016

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Mountain Tent Dimensions

Created: Aug 22, 2016

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How do I clean and reproof my waterproof garment?

Keeping your waterproof clothing clean is essential for maintaining the garment’s performance and ensuring its longevity. The outdoor industry is moving away from PFC based durable water repellents (DWRs) which have shown to be persistant in the environment. As technology moves towards more environmentally friendly materials, some of the dirt and oil repellent ability (a property of PFCs) of the garment will decrease making it even more vital to keep your waterproof squeaky clean.

When a waterproof garment absorbs oil and dirt (perspiration, detritus from skin, mud, sun screen and so on), this inhibits the ability of the material to breathe thus preventing perspiration from leaving the material which in turn makes the inside of the garment feel wet - even though it is still fully waterproof. The average person will lose between 1 - 2 litres of water an hour through perspiration during exercise. If your garment isn’t breathable, all that water will end up inside your clothing unable to get out because your garment is still waterproof. Ironic, huh!

So, now you understand the importance of breathability for effective waterproofing, let’s look at the best ways to keep your garment in tip-top shape.

Firstly, it is important to be aware that where soap (or specific technical washing products) are ideal for cleaning your waterproof, detergents are a big no-no! Detergents will attract water to your waterproof - the opposite to what we are aiming for here. For this reason, it is highly recommendable to thoroughly cleanse your washing machine prior to cleaning your waterproof. Do this by cleaning out the detergent tray and then running your machine on its hottest setting with a towel (or similar) and 500 ml of white vinegar.

Wash Procedure
  • Brush away any dry mud/ sand/ cake crumbs.

  • Do up zips and velcro. Loosen any draw cords.

  • Treat any stubborn stains with neat Tech Wash and a damp cloth.

  • Place garment (max of 2) in cleansed washing machine.

  • Use a tech wash such as Nikwax Tech Wash or Granger’s Performance Wash according to instructions - this tends to vary depending on water hardness in your area. (Soap can be used as an alternative, but remember, NO detergents!)

  • Run a delicate wash at 30°C.

  • Run a gentle rinse cycle to ensure all removal of all cleaning solutions.

  • Garment can be hand washed in warm water as an alternative to machine washing.

  • Allow your garment to air dry or tumble dry on a low heat.

  • You can use an iron over the garment on a very low setting to reactivate the DWR.

  • Note: Tumbledrying or ironing your garment will increase the durability of the DWR as the heat assists bonding between the DWR and the garment - even if the product states that airdrying is sufficient.

How do I tell if my waterproof is in need of a reproofing?

Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is the coating on the garment which allows the water to ‘bead off’ the outer shell preventing the top layer of the jacket becoming waterlogged and diminishing breathability [see above]. DWR is not the main waterproof competent of the garment which is the membrane making up the mid layer of most jackets.

The easiest way to test your DWR is to pour a cup of water on the garment and watch. If the DWR is working effectively, then the water will bead off. If the DWR has degraded then the water will soak into the top layer of the fabric and ‘wet out’ making the fabric look darker.

You will not need to reproof your garment with every wash. How regularly you will need to reproof your garment will depend on the quality of the DWR coating and the usage of the garment. For light usage, you should expect to reproof your garment 2 - 3 times per year for optimum repellency. If you use the garment for intense exercise (such as hiking, biking, running, climbing) you should expect to reproof much more frequently.

There are two types of reproofing solution: wash-in and spray on.

Re-Proofing Procedure: Wash-In

  • Once your garment is all lovely and clean (doesn’t need to be dry), place the garment back in the machine.

  • ​Use a reproofing agent such as Nikwax TX Direct or Granger’s Repel according to the directions on bottle.

  • Run a gentle cycle at 30°C in your washing machine.

  • Dry your garment in a tumble dryer on a low heat. If a tumble dryer is not available, dry in another warm location such as in full sunshine or a warm room. Heat applied to the fabric helps the proofer bond to the material which makes it more effective.

Re-Proofing Procedure: Spray On

  • Protect your chosen work surface and lay your freshly cleaned garment flat whilst it is still wet.

  • Spray the proofer (such as Nikwax TX Direct or Granger’s Performance Repel) evenly to the outside of the garment from a distance of 15 cm.

  • Wait for 2 minutes and remove any excess from the garment with a damp cloth and ensure that no areas have been missed. Repeat after several minutes.

  • Repeat procedure on other side.

  • Dry your garment in a tumble dryer on a low heat. If a tumble dryer is not available, dry in another warm location such as in full sunshine or a warm room. Heat applied to the fabric helps the proofer bond to the material which makes it more effective.

For more information on the ins and outs of waterproof garment care, have a read of this article by Charles Ross on Outdoors Magic.

Created: Aug 17, 2016

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Hadron 2000 lumen bike light

In this video I take a look at all the features of the Hadron bike light which has a super bright front light, 50 lumen rear red light, a wireless switch for super easy control and a rechargable battery.

Created: Jul 29, 2016

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Is this bag waterproof?

We are very cautious how we use the word waterproof. It means different things to different people, and with specialist equipment it is worth qualifying what we mean by it. Most people get it, but the reality is that it would only take one person to read waterproof with a capital W, pop their expensive Nikon camera in one of our bags and go for a swim. . we know how that might end. 

All our drybags use fabrics that are waterproof and constructed with seams that are either welded or taped. The construction is waterproof but these products are not rated as immersion proof, i.e. not designed to go underwater.

Roll top closures

A drybag closure is a roll top which is a reliable and proven mechanism for creating a seal against water ingress from splashing and spray - however it is not pressure tested and its effectiveness is dependent on you to get a good seal. We do not make any claims these bags are immersion proof but they will do a great job of keeping your kit dry in a down pour.

Zipped closures

Water resistant zips such as those used on our DryDocks also protect against rain and spray, but they are still not immersion proof.

There are other considerations to take into account, such as the duration the bag is exposed to water, rubbing, pressure and condition. To take the ambiguity out of a term such as waterproof Boffins have invented a system for rating the effective waterproofness of things and have called it the IP Code. Generally dry bags will fall under IP 64 - dustproof and protect against water splashing from all directions.

Our advice as always is double bag your valuable items, water has a habit of getting anywhere.

Created: Jul 12, 2016

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How our sleeping bags are tested

The Alpkit Sleep Limit is a single figure based on the combined experience of us, our customers and our Alpkiteers spending many nights out, all year round, in all conditions and is backed up by thermal testing and years of expertise with fill, materials and construction methods.

Our sleeping bags are tested using the Leeds Comfort Model in the labs at Leeds University. The results of these tests are interpolated to give an equivalent EN13537 rating so that you can easily compare our sleeping bags with other brands.

The Leeds Comfort Model

Test Method
The tests are performed according to BS 4745:1990 utilising a single plate togmeter with a 50 cm diameter. Sleeping bags are allowed to loft for a minimum of 4 hours prior to testing and the temperatures are measured in a central location where the chest bone of a sleeper would be.

EN 13573 values are provided for comparison and are based on a calculation derived from comparative tests on identical sleeping bags.

Season Night temperature Required thermal insulation (Togs)
Summer 15 to 18 3 to 5
Spring / Autumn 10 to 0 5 to 8
Winter 3 to -10 7 to 10
Mountain -5 to -20 9 to 12
Polar / High mountain -15 to -40 11 to 20+

As far as thermal testing is important, it is just one tool we use to recommend the suitability of our sleeping bags for any given condition. This is why our recommended Alpkit Sleep Limit can differ from results recorded under laboratory conditions.

Created: Jun 23, 2016

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How water resistant are our zips?

The zips we use are highly water resistant but they are not waterproof. Pockets internal and external may be susceptible to water ingress or condensation, remember this if you put your expensive gadgets in your pockets without additional protection such as a dry bag.

YKK Aquaguard zips (with a PU coating) are highly water resistant but not *waterproof*. These are used on the Balance, Pulsar and Parallax styles (also found on many high end waterproofs from other brands). The Gravitas uses a special water repellent zip which does not have a PU coating, which makes it lighter and more flexible but less resistant to water - it’s more like a DWR treatment. There is a storm flap behind the zip though, to add another layer of protection.

Created: Jun 13, 2016

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Self Inflating Sleeping Mat Instructions - First use and care guide

In this video I run through the important things to do when you get a new self inflating sleeping mat. I also cover some handy tips for making your sleeping mat last the longest it possibly can and perform to its best while at it.


Created: May 27, 2016

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Cycle to work schemes

Cycle-to-Work is a UK government scheme allowing you to buy a new bike through your employer and saves you between 25% and 42% off the price of the bike through tax and national insurance savings. It's open to all UK resident customers who want to buy a bike from Alpkit.

Check with your employer whether they run a cycle to work scheme.

What can I buy with the scheme?

You can purchase all our bikes through Cycle To Work Schemes. Employers making a direct payment as part of an internal cycle to work scheme must ensure any agreements between the employer and employee follow the government’s information on cycle to work as we can't accept responsibility for any final decisions made.

What equipment can I include?
A wide range of cycling equipment can be included on cycle-to-work and scheme guidelines (as set by HMRC) advise a ‘common sense approach’ should be taken when considering items to include. As a guide any items which help make you safer, keep your bike safe, or help with your commute can be included, as follows:

  • Lights
  • Bags and racks
  • Cycle clothing*
  • Any high-viz items
  • Pedals
  • Saddles
  • Tyres
  • Stems, seat-posts
  • Replacement bike parts to keep your bike safe on the road, for example
  • Wheels
  • Tools and maintenance items (e.g. pumps, puncture repair kits, multi-tools but not workstands)

Which cycle-to-work schemes do we accept?
Direct payment from employers own scheme
Bike 2 Work
Bikes for Staff
Cycle Solutions

How do I place an order?

Before placing your order, please check out the following with your employer and cycle-to-work scheme provider:

  • What is the price limit for your cycle to work scheme?
  • Can additional top-up payments be made on top of the cycle to work voucher?
  • How long does it usually take your employer to supply the information to the scheme and to us?
  • What are the terms & conditions from your employer, the scheme provider and from Alpkit? (it's best to check that there are no contradictions which might cause problems at a later stage).
  • How do I provide a voucher to Alpkit?

Cycle to Work vouchers can be posted to:

Cycle to Work, Alpkit Limited, Unit 12-14 Oak House, Engine Lane, Newthorpe, Nottingham, NG16 3QU

A photocopy of some photo-identification (e.g. Driver’s License, Passport) should also be included as well as the order reference.

Vouchers can also be provided as an e-certificate. You can forward this to us by e-mail to support@alpkit.com with a copy of some photo ID and the order reference.

How long does the process take?

You have 28 days to provide us with your cycle-to-work voucher from the date of your order. We will contact you once the voucher is received to collect any additional payments (including the admin fee). Once the balance has been paid, we will build your bike for despatch within 10 days.

If a voucher is not provided within 28 days and no contact has been provided to advise us of a delay, a final attempt to contact you will be made before we cancel your order.

What if my certificate doesn’t equal the exact cost of the bike and equipment?
If your certificate value is more than the cost of the equipment, it is not possible to get a refund but you can include more accessories. If your certificate value is less than the cost of the equipment you can add your own money to it. It is your responsibility to check with the employer and scheme to ensure extra payments are accepted by them before placing an order as we cannot be held accountable if this is disputed at a later date.

Additional Payments

We design, source and build all our bikes to order and sell direct to you avoiding retail and wholesale mark-ups. So all our bikes are incredibly well priced and are sold at a significant discount to comparable high street prices and RRPs. See how our prices compare against other brands and check back.

As with many other bike shops, we pass on the fees that cyclescheme providers charge us for administering the scheme on behalf of your employer, where the price of the bike is below comparable high street prices and branded RRPs. We pass the exact charge to you without adding anything extra ourselves. We'd love not to have to have to charge you but our starting prices do not include the cost of finance. The additional charge DOES NOT APPLY if an employer is paying us directly for the bike or the cycle-to-work scheme administrator doesnt levy a charge on us.

A handling fee of 15% of the cost of the bike applies with cyclescheme.co.uk and Halfords vouchers, 10% for Bike2work and 12% for CyclePlus vouchers, 12.5% fee applies with Bikes for Staff and a 12% fee applies for Cycle Solutions.

We'll get in touch for any payment when we have received your voucher. and will then progress your order for the bike to be built and delivered once the payment for the outstanding amount has been made. If there are any major problems with stock or with the build itself, we will contact you to make you aware so please ensure you have supplied us with a valid contact number to reach you on.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is the legal owner of the bike?

Please check with your specific scheme as your employer may be the legal owner of the bike until the end of the lease period. At that point, your employer may choose to either keep the bike or sell it to you for a nominal sum set out in the terms of their scheme

Do we provide quotes for bikes?

Yes, simply contact us at support@alpkit.com. A quote is valid for 30 days but does not guarantee that the stock will be held. 

Can I order a bike with a higher value than the voucher and pay the remaining balance myself?

Please check that your company allows this since not all companies or cycle-to-work providers do so.

Can I change my bike once I have my cycle-to-work voucher?

Yes, however once the build process has begun on your bike this is no longer possible.

Can I upgrade components to items not listed on the bike page?

Yes please contact us for bespoke builds.

How long does it take from building to shipping?

All bikes are built within 10 days and shipped the same day. Delivery depends on your location and is generally 2-5 days within the UK and up to 10 days internationally.

Can I use the voucher in person?

Yes you can. To place an order you need to have your voucher with you and pay the admin fee on the day.

Can I Pay by credit/debit card and have the money refunded once we receive the voucher?

No, all cycle to work orders have to be paid from the start by voucher and additional payment.

I now have my voucher. When can I collect my bike?

All bikes are built to order when we have both the voucher and admin fee or direct payment from your employer to the total agreed cost of your bike. Bikes are built with 10 days and we will let you know when it is ready for collection or delivery.

Are any bikes excluded from the Cycle to Work Scheme?

All bikes are available on cycle-to-work schemes.

What happens if I change my mind?
After signing the hire agreement you have a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. After that the hire agreement with your employer is not cancellable.

Created: May 10, 2016

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In this video I take a look at the Bruler, our alcohol or meths stove. Bruler's a great option if you prefer not to take gas or if gas will be hard to find.


Created: Apr 29, 2016

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In this video I look at the Clip flask, an excellent option for taking hot drinks out and about with you.


Created: Apr 27, 2016

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How to attach a Koala seat pack to your bike

In this video I cover how to attach a Koala to your bike. It's essential that you take time to pack your Koala well and that you tighten the straps as much as you can to get the best performance from it. 

Created: Apr 20, 2016

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Fuel Pod Large

In this video I cover the changes we've made to the Large Fuel Pod as part of the 2016 bike luggage re-design. In addition to the changes to all three sized of Fuel Pod, we've changed the opening and added an extra attachment system to the Large size. 


Created: Apr 18, 2016

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In this video I take a quick look at the features of the Lampray. This is a great lantern that also doubles up as a charger for your electrical gadgets like phones and GPS.


Created: Apr 18, 2016

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In this video I cover the updates we've made to the Koala for 2016. All these changes should improve the stability of the bag, especially when it's only partially filled.

Created: Apr 08, 2016

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Stem Cell

In this video I cover the Stem Cell which we have updated for 2016. This update covers the Stem Cell and Stem Cell XL.


Created: Apr 08, 2016

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Fuel Pod

In this video I take a look at the newly updated for 2016 Fuel Pod covering all the changes and features.


Created: Apr 08, 2016

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Possum Frame Bags

In this video I take a look at the Possum frame bag. This is our 3-size-fits-most frame bag so measure your frame, compare with our online measurements and take it from there.


Created: Apr 06, 2016

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Fat Roo

In this video I run through the features of our Fat Roo. This is an accessory bag to be put on the front of whatever you're carrying on your handlebars to give some easy access extra storage.


Created: Apr 06, 2016

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VIDEO: How to make your Stingray template

In this video I show how to make a template for your custom Stingray template. We need you to send us a template of your bike frame so we can make sure your Stingray comes out just right. We make your bag to the exact shape of the template so I'll show how to get it just right and cover all the information we need you to include on the template so we can get them through the Alpkit factory and on to your bike in the shortest time possible


Created: Mar 22, 2016

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Carbonlite Trekking Poles

In this video I take a quick look at the features of the CarbonLite Trekking Poles and show how to adjust them

Created: Mar 22, 2016

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Pre Orders

If a product is marked as pre order please make sure you have read and understood the terms of a Pre-Order purchase before placing your order. Payment will be taken immediately and your item will be despatched when stock arrives. If you require additional items please place a separate order as it will be held and sent together.

Please note that although we try and give an accurate indication of when we will take delivery of the stock they are liable to change.

Created: Mar 04, 2016

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Sonder bespoke frames and bikes

All Sonder bikes are fully customisable and we offer tailor-made bespoke titanium frames.

We stock SRAM and Shimano groupsets and components, Rockshox forks and can source almost any part for you. Give us a call and we will help spec and build a Sonder. With the same experienced mechanic helping throughout your build you know who to call if there's anything you want to know.

Created: Feb 24, 2016

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Try Before Your Buy - Sonder Demo Bikes

Test ride a Sonder Bike either with a demo at our Nottingham factory store or rent your dream Sonder to test on your own trails. Rental prices start from £39 per day or £59 for a weekend. What's more we'll refund the rental cost if you go on and buy any bike from us. We only ask that you pay for the delivery and collection service of £30 (can only be used in conjunction with a weekend demo).

Chosen which bike you want to try out? Give us a call on 01773 417007 or drop us an email at support@alpkit.com with the following info:

  • The bike you would like to demo
  • The size and build options you would like
  • The date(s) you would like to demo
  • Contact details 

We will then check availability and give you a call to confirm details and take payment.

We will have to put a hold on your bank account for the cost of the bike that you demo for the weekend. This is basically insurance that the bike will be returned and is processed as a deferred payment in the SagePay secure payment system. It doesn't take any more from your account but it does lock it in so that you cannot access those funds from when you call to make the payment to when the bike arrives back with us - this is usually around a week in total for a weekend demo. Once the bike is returned we abort the deferred payment which releases the funds for you. You can put the deferred payment on either a credit or debit card.

Created: Feb 24, 2016

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When will my Stingray be made?

Once we have received your template, we mark your order as ready to be made and the factory. All Stingrays and Fat Bike Stingrays are made the week following receipt of your template and will be sent out the same week.

Created: Feb 08, 2016

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Compact Ultra trekking poles

In this video I give an overview of the Compact Ultra trekking poles including how to set them up, adjusting them and how to use them.

Created: Jan 27, 2016

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Storing Gas in your BruKit

In this video I cover how to store a 230g gas canister inside your BruKit with the burner to make a realy neat little cooking bundle. You can fit 100g canisters in too as they're much smaller, but if you want more gas then the BruKit can handle it.

Created: Jan 27, 2016

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What fork can I use with Broken Road?

We are curently awaiting stock of the titanium fork designed for the Broken Road frame.

For customers wishing to get out on their Broken Road immediately, the Broken Road is perfectly suited to a fork with an axle to crown measurement of around 470 - 480 mm.

For use with both 29” and 650b+ wheels, this would need to be a fork with 80 mm - 100 mm of travel; our choice would be the Rockshox Reba.

Created: Jan 26, 2016

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Packing your sleeping bag in an Airlok

In this video I show how to pack your sleeping bag into a much more managable shape for getting in your backpack or duffel - in an Airlok drybag.


Created: Jan 21, 2016

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How to use your Gamma head torch

In this video I go through the min features and functions of the Gamma and cover instructions on how to get the most out of the classic Alpkit head torch.

Created: Jan 21, 2016

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How to inflate our Dumo sleeping mat

In this video I show how to inflate the Dumo sleeping mat which has an integrated pump in the foot.

Created: Jan 15, 2016

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What are the differences between Filo and Phantac?

With 2 great jackets to choose from which is right for you? In this short video I run through some of the main differences.

Created: Jan 15, 2016

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Which Vortex/ Airlok for my sleeping bag or down jacket?

When stuffing your sleeping bag in to the dry bag be gentle with the opening. This is the most fragile part of the bag, so avoid twisting it or putting undue stress on the internal plastic strip so it maintains a good seal when rolled.

If you intend to keep the sleeping bag in the provided compression bag rather than stuffing it straight in to the drybag you will have to choose a larger size due to the size of the opening.

Which insulation into which bag?

InsulationProduct Squeezes into Vortex size: Comfortably fits into Vortex size:  Squeezes into Airlok size: Comfortably fits into Airlok size:

Mountain Ghost





Point 5





PipeDream 250 Long





PipeDream 250





PipeDream 400 Long





PipeDream 400




SkyeHigh 500 Long





SkyeHigh 500


L 13L 20L
SkyeHigh 700 Long





SkyeHigh 700





SkyeHigh 900 Long





SkyeHigh 900





AlpineDream 700





AlpineDream 900





AlpineDream 1100





ArcticDream 1000





ArcticDream 1200





ArcticDream 1400






Filoment Vest Men's/ Women's

Filoment Jacket/ Smock Men's/ Women's





Filo Men's/ Women's










Created: Jan 08, 2016

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Dishwasher Safe - Can I put my cookware in a dishwasher?

After an adventure on the hills the last thing you need to worry about is how best to clean your beloved pots and pans. You can of course hand wash any pots and pans in the sink without a care in the world, but what if you have the luxury of a dishwasher?

Titanium - Fire away! Titanium cookware is absolutely fine in the dishwasher and will come out sparkling, except for the burnt on porridge from when you left the pan unattended to get your favourite spoon perhaps.

Aluminium - DO NO put aluminium cookware in the dishwasher. It will do terrible things and make your pots unusable! Always clean aluminium cookware by hand

Created: Dec 24, 2015

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What is a Rough Cut?

Every new product we make has an initial production run to develop our workflow, fine tune our patterns and to familiarise the machinists with the new product. All Rough Cuts are 100% guaranteed, fully functional and not defective in anyway. To be honest the phrase Rough Cut is a bit unfair on the factory guys because these look great! Final specs and finishing components may differ when this item is in full production, so if you have any comments or feedback from using it please do let us know. It is a great opportunity to be the first to pick up a new product, help us in our development process and save a bit of cash in the process!

Created: Dec 22, 2015

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Muon head torch instructions

Created: Dec 22, 2015

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Are Sonder available outside the UK?

Yes they are!

Created: Dec 18, 2015

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What pressure should I run my Trailblazers at?

For a great riding experience our recommendation is 20-35 psi.

Created: Dec 10, 2015

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What wheel sizes can Broken Road take?

The Broken Road is designed for a 2.8 in rear B+ tyre. This has a diameter of 729 mm at maximum size for manufacturing tolerance. This clears the seat tube by the ISO required 6 mm, at min tolerance. So can you use 29'er wheels? Yes... Broken Road has longer chainstays that will take a 29 in wheel. 

Created: Dec 10, 2015

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What wheel sizes can Transmitter take?

The Transmitter is designed for a 2.8 in rear B+ tyre. This has a diameter of 729 mm at maximum size for manufacturing tolerance. This clears the seat tube by the ISO required 6 mm, at min tolerance. A 2.25 in 29'er tyre has a diameter of 747mm. So it isn't going to fit. Of course a skinny 1.9 in 29er tyre will fit, but so what? It’d not really ride the way the frame is meant to be ridden.

Created: Dec 10, 2015

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What wheel sizes can Camino take?

Camino is up to 700c x 44 mm and 650b x 48 mm compatible. If you are building your own set up we recommened the Nano 700 x 42 mm which leaves lots of clearance between the tyre and the fork.

Created: Dec 10, 2015

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Merino Care Guide

The breathability and wonderful wicking nature of merino makes this all-natural fabric the paramount choice for base layers and other sporting garments. It is resistant to odour so often simple airing of the merino may avoid the need for a wash cycle which is better for the merino and the environment.

Merino is a delicate material so when washing, please ensure that you follow these guidelines to prolong the life of your merino clothing.

How to wash

Machine-washing: Use a delicate or wool cycle at or below 30°C. Turn garment inside out before washing and drying.

Handwashing: Use lukewarm water to massage the merino and then rinse thoroughly. Remove excess water by rolling in a towel but don’t wring it!

Never use hot water to wash your merino. 


Merino clothing should only be washed using approved liquid detergent such as Ecover Delicate, or NikWax WoolWash.

Conventional soap powder detergents do not melt at a low enough temperature and so residue can attach to the fibres. The powder can comprise of harmful strong alkalis that damage your Merino.

Do not use fabric conditioners. They were developed to remove static and bad odours from synthetic fabrics. Merino doesn’t produce static and releases odours and moisture naturally so using conditioners will interfere with this natural process.

Never soak Merino for any period of time. Never use bleach or spot clean.


Lay flat or hang dry in a place where air can circulate freely. You should position away from direct heat and sunlight.

Never dry merino over a radiator or in front of a fire. Do not tumble dry. 

Rips and tears

If you are unfortunate enough to snag or tear your merino, or be attacked by moths, your Merino can be mended using silk sewing thread.

If your merino is overheated in a wash cycle and it shrinks then the fibres will be irreparably damaged.

Created: Dec 08, 2015

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Can I use 18650 batteries with Prism 550?

The size of 2 CR123 is slightly smaller than 18650 and the voltage is different. 2 CR123 is 6V while 18650 is 3.7V , to use the 18650 battery we would need to redesign the product circuit and the size of the head light. So the answer is no.

Created: Dec 07, 2015

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What are builds and groupsets?

Sonder bikes are available as frame only versions, but not everyone gets a kick out of speccing and building their own bike. We have taken the pain out of this by putting together a choice of complete bikes at a choice of price points and specs. For our builds we choose components that are designed to work together - these are called groupsets. The advantage of buying a complete groupset is that everything is designed to work together and you can usually save money over buying the individual parts.

Builds come with everything you need to get on the trail except peddles.

Created: Dec 06, 2015

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How do I wash my Bean Mountain bean bag?

The best way to wash your Bean Mountain is to wipe it down with warm soapy water and leave it to air dry. Do not jetwash as you will destroy the DWR coating. You cannot remove the beans to wash the cover seperatly.

Created: Dec 03, 2015

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Is the Bean Mountain bean bag fire retardant?

No, Bean Mountain is not certified as fire retardant.

Created: Dec 03, 2015

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Head Torch Functions - how to turn on the sidelights or change light colours on your Alpkit torch?

When you get your new Alpkit head torch you’ll notice it only has one button for all the different functions. We like to keep things simple and easy, and what could be more simple than a single switch for every function on your torch?

If you just click the button you can cycle through the main beam settings and after a few clicks it turns  off again. So, you may ask, just how do I get to my Gammas red or green LEDs? What if I want a wider spread of light with my Viper, Arc or Muon? It’s simple! Turn on your head torch (one click) then press and hold the button for a few seconds. You should then find yourself in the other lighting mode of your torch. Just click the button again to flick through the different settings on this mode. Press and hold again to go back to the main beam.

Now you know how to use all the options on your new torch you’re ready to get out at night and go on adventures only possible in the dark. Have fun!

Created: Nov 06, 2015

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How big is Alpkit bike luggage in litres?

One of the questions we get asked the most is how much stuff will fit in our bike luggage. Sometimes size does matter and when you’re trying to get as much as you can for your next bike-packing trip it’s good to get a rough idea of how much space you’ll have.

The following list gives measurements of roughly how many packing chips we could fit into an upsettingly empty ice-cream tub. The tub was 1L and the packing was your fairly standard polystyrene chips. Not the most accurate measurement, but we’re working on it.

Koala - approx. 8L

Kowari - approx. 3L

Fuel Pod Small - approx. 0.5L

Fuel Pod Medium - approx. 1.0L

Fuel Pod Large - approx. 1.3L

Possum Small - approx. 1.2L

Possum Medium - approx. 2.0L

Possum Large - 2.3L

Stem Cell - approx. 1.0L

Obviously the actual amount you’ll be able to get into a bag will depend on what you’re trying to pack. After all, a down jacket is a lot squashier than a set of cooking pots.

Created: Oct 14, 2015

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Where does it come from? Alpkit gear sourcing

At Alpkit we really care about where we get our gear from. Like most companies, it’s not possible for us to make everything here in the UK and we get most of our clothes and camping gear from China. We always make sure the suppliers we work with are fair and ethical, that their workers get treated well and payed properly, and that all the bits and bobs that go into our gear is sourced as safely and sustainably as possible.

Created: Oct 13, 2015

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Are you going to make long and short versions of sleeping bags?

We are introducing more sizing options into our sleeping bag range this year. However, our main focus is to extend our range of sleeping bags before expanding size and colour options. For those looking to save weight with a shorter bag, it may help to know that the weight of the down would still be the same, i.e. in an ArcticDream 1000 there would still be 1000 g of down regardless of whether the bag was 180 cm or 210 cm. The only weight that would be saved is the minimal weight of the extra fabric.

Created: Sep 30, 2015

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Slack Kit instructions

PDF instruction sheet

Created: Sep 22, 2015

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Gamma - How to change the battery pack?

It's really easy to change the battery compartment on a Gamma should yours ever break and we can send you the spare part for free. All you have to do is remove the straps, flick off the broken compartment and clip in the new one. Here's a handy video that shows you how to do it yourself but if you have any problems just give us a call or drop us an email.

Created: Sep 08, 2015

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