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Don't choose a Medium jacket just because the last t-shirt you purchased from the high-street was a medium. Some people prefer a tight jacket, some go baggy, some like to wear it over another jacket, some like to expose their hairy chest and wear it next to their skin.

The Alpkit Fit. Please remember that these are technical garments; they are designed to function with the rest of your clothing system.


For a Filo or Phantac, we are assuming you will be wearing a baselayer and a fleece. So if you are a sized 40 chest we recommend you choose a Alpkit Medium for a snug fit over a baselayer and fleece. If you know you are going to be slinging it over your shell as a belay jacket you should take a size up. Please refer to the individual size charts on the pages below.

The Filoment, Heiko and Katabatic jackets are designed to be a little more slim fitting than Filo and Phantac jackets. We expect them to be used as a mid-layer or light insulation layer. If you choose your normal size, we would expect them to fit over a base layer or t-shirt and a light fleece.


Our Definition jacket is designed to have enough room for several layers underneath (although a Filo may be a bit of a squeeze!)

Arro, Balance and Pulsar are designed to be worn with a baselayer and fleece or very light insulation layer. If you plan to wear it over a larger down jacket, you will need to go up a size.

Gravitas designed to fit over light layers only; a baselayer and perhaps a very thin fleece. More than that and you will want to go up a size.


We expect our mid-layers to fit perfectly in the middle! So we presume that they will be worn over a baselayer or t-shirt and, at times, under an insulation layer. They are a slim fit so if you plan to wear an extra fleece between the baselayer and mid-layer, then you will want to go up a size.


All our baselayers have a slim, next to skin fit. This said, they are not 'skin-tight' so you can wear them casually without anyone knowing that you have stepped straight off the mountain and into the nearest cafe.

Always have a read of the product information for hints on intended use and fit guidance.

Don't forget, if after all of this, you still end up with a garment that is the wrong fit for you, we offer free UK returns

(Hint: scroll down! Our size chart is at the bottom of each garment page)

Updated: Oct 11, 2013

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