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Head Torch Functions - how to turn on the sidelights or change light colours on your Alpkit torch?

When you get your new Alpkit head torch you’ll notice it only has one button for all the different functions. We like to keep things simple and easy, and what could be more simple than a single switch for every function on your torch?

If you just click the button you can cycle through the main beam settings and after a few clicks it turns  off again. So, you may ask, just how do I get to my Gammas red or green LEDs? What if I want a wider spread of light with my Viper, Arc or Muon? It’s simple! Turn on your head torch (one click) then press and hold the button for a few seconds. You should then find yourself in the other lighting mode of your torch. Just click the button again to flick through the different settings on this mode. Press and hold again to go back to the main beam.

Now you know how to use all the options on your new torch you’re ready to get out at night and go on adventures only possible in the dark. Have fun!

Updated: Nov 06, 2015

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