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Gamma II Instructions

Introducing your new Gamma II, a feature packed head torch, with 88 lumens at full beam, perfect for trail running. The red LED is ace for night photography and maintaining your night vision, the green LED is perfect for map reading, and the white LED preserves battery life.

Change the Batteries

Twist the lid to open the battery compartment.

Insert 3 x AAA batteries as indicated on the inside of the compartment

Push on the lid firmly and twist to close the battery compartment.


  • The battery life will vary depending upon the brand and freshness of batteries, recovery time, time the light has been switched on, temperature, and the setting used.
  • Use good quality AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries. Using rechargeable batteries may invalidate your warranty.
  • Do not attempt to push the battery lid directly, as it may put undue stress on the lugs.
Instructions for Use

Main Mode:

Click the button once to activate the full beam, click again to cycle through the settings:

High > Low > Flashing > Off

LED Mode:

Press the button for 3 seconds to activate the LED mode, this will turn on the small white LED. Press again to shimmy through the settings:

White > Green > Red > Flashing Red > Off

Rear Light:

Click the button once to turn on the read red light, click again to change the settings:

Full > Flashing > Off

  • Do not shine directly into eyes.
  • Do not submerge.
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product as it will invalidate your warranty
  • Keep your Gamma II clean to prevent dirt and dust from entering the electric elements.
  • Do not store Gamma with batteries inside for prolonged periods of time.
  • Remove any moisture before storage.
  • Store your Gamma in a dry place.

3 x AAA good alkaline batteries

Alkaline Yes
Li-Ion No
Li-Ion rechargeable No
NiMH rechargeable No
NiCd rechargeable No
NiZn rechargeable No

Keep your Gamma II clean to prevent dirt and dust from entering the electric elements. Clean head torch body using a damp cloth, remove the straps to wash them separately.


Ensure that the torch is completely dry, store in a dry place.

Service and Repairs

If the torch does not work, check that the batteries have been inserted the right way around and replace if they are flat. Check that there is no water in the torch, dry thoroughly if there is and try again. Check contacts for signs of corrosion caused by batteries leaking or through damp. Clean contacts with a light emery cloth. 

If issues cannot be corrected using these instructions, contact Alpkit for advice

  Brightness Burn Time Water Resistance
Main High 150 lm 7 h IPX4
Main Low 70 lm 18 h IPX4
Main Flashing N/A   IPX4
5mm white LED 10 lm 45 h IPX4
5mm green LED 7 lm 45 h IPX4
5mm red LED 5lm  45 h IPX4
5mm red strobe N/A   IPX4
Rear full N/A   IPX4
Rear flashing N/A    IPX4

Download the Gamma PDF instruction sheet.

Updated: Jun 30, 2017

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