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Gamma: How do I replace my Gamma battery lid?

How to replace the battery case lid of the Gamma headtorch.

Firstly, if you have broken your lid or lost it - drop us an e-mail and we can send out a spare part a.s.a.p - support@alpkit.com

Luckily this is among the simplest of Alpbodges, simply slide a small flathead screwdriver down between the clear plastic retainer 'stick' and the back wall of the case (the side with the straps on it) with the end of the screwdriver at the bottom of the stick simply push it in towards where the batteries should be, it will pop out of its bracket.

To fit the new lid simply line the bottom of the new lid's 'stick' with the bracket and use the screwdriver to push it in towards the case wall, it will snap in to place (this can be a bit fiddly but it does go!) and you're done!

Give us a buzz if you're struggling and we'll be able to talk you through it...

hope this helps!


Created: Dec 23, 2011

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