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Which fabric? Our bike luggage fabrics explained

We feel pretty jammy having a UK factory because it gives us the freedom to make backpacks and bike packing luggage out of pretty much anything we want.

As much as a satin and taffeta frame bag with ribbon attachment points would look fabulous, they probably wouldn't last that long. Instead, we've chosen fabrics that we think gives a great range for the discerning bikepacker.



A 4-layer, 210 denier laminated nylon fabric with a DWR finish: VX21 (or X-Pac to its friends) is a high tech, ultralight sandwich of materials that is highly abrasion and tear resistant, low-stretch, and waterproof.

The ripstop nylon face fabric makes the bag super durable, whilst the diamond pattern dacron makes the fabric stiffer and water resistant. All this comes together to create an all-round fabric that weighs just 230 g per square metre, enabling us to create stable, tough, weatherproof and lightweight packs and luggage.


Like VX21, VX07 is a 4 layer laminated fabric with a DWR finish. It’s also tear resistant, waterproof, and low-stretch, which makes for highly durable, stable, and weatherproof packs and bags.

VX07 uses a 70 denier ripstop nylon face fabric, which makes it extremely lightweight, weighing just 162 g per square metre.

500D Cordura

Tougher than VX21 and weighing only a little more, 500D Cordura is waterproof and highly abrasion resistant, so we often use it to make hardcore bags without adding much extra weight. The clear PU coating repel dirt and water too, giving your stuff a bit of protection and making it easier to wipe down.

At 240 g per square metre, 500D Cordura is slightly heavier than VX21 but handles wear and tear much better.

1100D Cordura

The toughest of the tough! Being exceptionally abrasion resistant with a durable PU coating to repel dirt and water, 1100D Cordura is the ideal fabric for lovers of gnarly trails and people who fall off a lot.

Weighing 380 g per square metre, 1100D Cordura is a bit heavier than the other fabric options but will shrug off the roughest of treatment.

Updated: Aug 17, 2015

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