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Should I choose Cordura or VX-21 for my frame bag?

At Alpkit, we can make framebags out of pretty much any fabric. Whilst it would look fabulous, a satin and taffeta framebag probably wouldn't last that long though so we've chosen three fabrics which we think gives a great range for the discerning bikepacker.

VX21 - The “industry standard”, this fabric has a lot going for it. The high tech sandwich of different materials gives it several winning properties which is why we use it in most of our bike luggage. The 210D cordura face fabric gives durability to the bag and the diamond patterned dacron gives added stiffness and water resistance. All this comes together to give a great all-rounder fabric that’s pretty light at only 230g/sqm.

500D Cordura - Tougher than VX21, the 500D cordura is a great choice for people wanting a hardcore bag without the extra weight. With a clear water repellent coating this fabric will protect your gear from splashes and spray too. At 240g/sqm the 500D cordura is slightly heavier than VX21 but it will handle wear and tear much better.

1100D Cordura - This is the toughest of the tough. If you’re a lover of gnarly trails, overgrown descents (or maybe just fall off a lot) then this is the fabric for you. It’s a bit heavier than the other two options, but it will shrug off even the roughest treatment. A durable water repellent on the outside will give some extra protection from moisture too.

Created: Aug 17, 2015

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