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What are the differences between Fixe Roca Rope Treatments?

Fixe-Roca ropes now come in three flavours. Each is better suited to different conditions which will depend on when and where the ropes get used.

Natural - The Natural ropes are the vanilla flavour. These ropes haven't had any special treatment to protect them from dirty and wet conditions. This makes them the cheapest and most eco-friendly ropes we sell. It does mean their not suited to wet weather though, but if you're bolt-clipping in sunny Spain they'll be just fine. The way the ropes are made helps protect them from a bit of dirt and dust too.

Dry - The Dry ropes are the happy middle. They have had the outer sheath dry treated to protect it from moisture and dirt. This makes them great for UK cragging where you might get a sudden shower. The chemical treating helps the rope repel water so it shouldn't get super heavy if it's just a bit of a splash. It also helps keep dirt and grime out so your rope will keep its shiny newness for longer.

Full-Dry - The super treatment, think full on double choc-chip with extra tasty bits. Ropes with the Full-Dry treatment have every single fibre of the sheath and the core chemically treated to repel dirt and water before the rope is even made. This makes them super resilient to the elements, ideal if you want a rope for extreme conditions. Winter, ice climbing or sea cliffs, anywhere that your rope is more likely to get wet, this is the treatment you want. It also makes the rope more resistant to abrasion, ideal in areas with rough rock.

Updated: Aug 19, 2015

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