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Alpkit’s ethical down policy [pre-winter 2016]

UPDATE: As of winter 2016, we will only be using down that is certified by the Responsible Down Standard. For more information, please see the Product Team's spotlight article.

The information below is applicable to all down products made by Alpkit before winter 2016.

At Alpkit we do all we can to make sure the goose down and duck down that we use in all our products is ethically sourced. We only source non-live plucked and non-force fed goose and duck down.  We work very closely and visit our factories regularly to see for ourselves that the ethical standards are upheld. From 2016 we have started to introduce down that has been certified by the Responsible Down Standard. The first product to use this don is our Cloud Cover quilt. This mark is an added reasurance that the down in these products does not come from birds that have been live-plucked or force-fed, and that their welfare has been protected from the time they were hatchlings to when they are slaughtered.

Here's a longer article that Nick wrote in 2014 about how we get our down and where it comes from.

Updated: Aug 05, 2015

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