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Club or Group Discounts

No club discounts?! Cripes, it's the Alpkit way.

You like our brand, site and products yet you have an aching feeling deep in your stomach. It just won't go away, you don't like paying full price for your outdoor gear, perhaps like us you worked in a gear shop as a youth. You joined a club, and your card sits next to your credit card, ready to zap 10% from the final total.

But at Alpkit there is no box to enter your membership number. You roll your eyes and curse those cyber pirates sitting in their swish virtual offices before hopping in the car, driving 10 miles into town, finding a parking meter and flexing your 10% in your preferred shop.

Well, some of that's true, some isn't. We have worked in gear shops but we are certainly not sitting in swish offices! There are many reasons we have chosen to take this path.

Why can't I find Alpkit products in other shops?

Getting your gear via a ‘middleman’ adds to the price of your gear! We only sell our products direct – on our website and in our stores – so that we can keep the prices as low as possible. 

I am a member of a club, why do we not get a discount rate?

Let's assume we offered a 10% discount to every group that was to approach us, I mean why should we say no to one group and yes to another? Our hunch is that this would be a heck of a lot of people. We try and retail our products for the most competitive price possible to all our customers.

But surely you are missing out on a golden marketing opportunity?

We have found not offering individual discounts has lost us marketing opportunities; offering the best price to all our customers is more important to us as it makes the outdoors more accessible for everyone.

We want to support all our customers, not just offer discounts to those who are part of a club.

How to get stuff from Alpkit

You can buy stuff online and have it delivered or pop into one of our stores (in Hathersage and Ambleside).

As with all Alpkit prices, the cost of UK shipping is included in the price shown. In most cases your goods will arrive up to two days after payment is received.

We offer 123 day returns and free UK returns postage if you item isn’t what you expected when it arrives.

Invoice & Payment

You can pay for your goods immediately as we accept most forms of plastic, however if you need us to raise a Pro-forma invoice so you can arrange a cheque or a BACS payment, progress through the shopping cart as normal and select Pay by Phone as your preferred payment method. We will contact you shortly afterwards to sort out all the details.

The Alpkit way

  • spend very little on advertising

  • little or no packaging

  • not having to conform to standard R.R.P.s

  • products include shipping

  • fast service

  • quality products

  • listen to customers

So that's it in a nutshell, we hope you can see there are both positives and negatives. We think there are more positives than negatives: we enjoy the freedom to make and sell what we and our customers want; and there is no structure of sales agents or buyers to interfere. It is us and you. We are always open to offering the odd prize to a raffle or magazine competition if you catch us on the right day 


Updated: Dec 16, 2010

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