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Winter camping tips

Even though the weather is colder it is still important to ventilate the tent to avoid condensation, which in severe cold weather may freeze during the day and drip on you at night when you warm the tent up. Keeping as much moisture out of the tent as possible will also stop it increasing in weight when you have to carry it back home. To stop moisture transferring from the ground using a footprint under the inner will also add some insulation.

Building a small trench in an unused tent porch will cause some cold air to sink before reaching the tent, keeping you slightly warmer, but don’t forget it is there in the middle of the night. Using snow around the base of the tent will keep it anchored down and add some insulation. The snow valances on the Heksa are specifically designed for this.

A range of equipment can be used as pegs in the snow.

Created: Sep 30, 2011

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