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Boson Bike Light Instructions

The Boson bike light: a lightweight and powerful rechargeable bike light for illuminating your nocturnal mountain and road biking adventures.  

Charge the batteries

Boson is rechargeable. Whilst in operation, a small LED light indicates the remaining battery power:

Green on: high power; Red on: medium power; Red flashing: Low battery power. 

When it's out of juice, plug the Micro USB cable into the port on the torch. The battery takes around 4 hours to charge, a LED charging status indicator light beside the port will tell you when it is done. Red: charging; green: fully charged.  


Do not attempt to recharge if not using rechargeable batteries as there is risk of an explosion. 

Instructions for use

The Boson is awesome and has 5 lighting modes. One long press turns it on, then you can go ahead and carry on pressing the power button to sashay through the incredible lighting modes:

On > High > Medium > Low > 6Hz Flashing > 3Hz Flashing > Off 

To turn the torch off press once after 10 seconds in any mode. 

Handlebar Mount

The handlebar mount is designed to fit 18 - 36 mm bars. Boson can be removed from the clamp when it is fixed to your handlebars. 

  • Do not shine torch directly into your eyes 
  • Do not submerge. 
  • Do not disassemble or modify this product as it will invalidate your warranty 
  • Keep your Boson clean to prevent dirt and dust from entering the electric elements 
  • Remove any moisture before storage 

Battery type: 1 x 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery [Included] 

Battery cycle: 500 cyles (Reserves ~80% Capacity after 500 cycles) 


Wipe down torch body with a damp cloth. 


Ensure that the torch is completely dry. Store in a dry place. 

Service and Repairs

If the torch does not work, check that the battery has been inserted the right way round and that it is fully charged. Check that there is no water in the torch, dry thoroughly if there is and try again. Check contacts for signs of corrosion caused by batteries leaking or through damp. Clean contacts with a light emery cloth. 

If issues cannot be corrected using these instructions, contact Alpkit for advice. 


Bulb Type: 1 x XP-L Cree White LED 

Mode Brightness Run time Water Resistance
High 850 lm 3 h
Med 320 lm 7 h
Low 100 lm 17 h
6Hz Flashing - 20 h
3Hz Flashing 20 h

Updated: Nov 29, 2016

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