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How fast do BruKits boil?

Support Hero, Dave, tested how many cups of tea he could make with the BruKit Jackal and Wolf - the results were fascinating!

First, Dave tested the boil times. The best times were acheived with an (almost) full 230 g gas canister with a propane/ isobutane mix:


Next, we tested how much gas the BruKits use and how the amount of gas in the canisiter affects the time taken to boil. Dave found the following using a 100g canister:

  • Each 500 ml of water boiled uses 5% of the gas in the canister

  • With a full gas canister, BruKit can boil 500 ml of water in 3 mins 10 sec

  • With an almost empty canister, this boil time increases to 4 mins 40 sec

  • 8 l of water can be boiled with 80 g of gas - that is 32 cups of tea!

  • The average boil time is 3 mins 24 sec across a whole gas canister. 

Updated: Oct 25, 2016

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