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Cabling Up a Sonder Evol

How does the Evol have such clean lines? We’ve tucked away the cables inside the downtube to neaten things up. At times, your cables may rattle. Don’t panic, all you need to silence it is Sonder Bike Guru Neil’s guide, a few zip ties (200 – 300mm), and a little bit of time...


1. Cable up your bike, getting everything to the right length and in the right position.



2. Detach your rear brake lever, shifter and dropper remote from the handlebar and slide the cables down inside the frame, pulling them out the bottom guide at the same time.




3. Get a fairly chunky zip tie (200-300mm is perfect) and pull it tight around all three cables about 2-3cm away from the exit port.



4. Cut the zip tie down so it’s a little longer than the diameter of the downtube, about 7cm is perfect, this will make the zip tie push the cables tight against the inside of the tube.



5. Thread the cables and zip tie back up into the frame (about 10-15cm - depending on size) and fit another zip tie in exactly the same way.



6. Thread the rest of the cables and the second zip tie up inside the frame leaving enough slack around the BB area for the shock to compress without pulling them.



7. Refit the cable exit cover


8. Reattach the controls to the handlebar



9. Give your bike a few drop tests and check for rattles, it should be nice and quiet!


10. Go ride!

Updated: Jan 02, 2018

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