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60 Day Love Mud Wheel trial

We know that our wheels will keep you rollin’ mile after mile with a smile on your face… But we figured we’d give you 60 days to really make your mind up about them anyway. If you haven't bonded with your Love Mud wheels at the end of the 60 days, you can send them back for a refund. We'll even pay for the return shipping (UK customers only). 

A few T&Cs to get out of the way first though… 

  • This offer does not apply to Juice hub builds or wheelsets purchased as part of a full bike build. 

  • 60 day returns offer starts from the day of delivery. 

  • Wheels must be returned clean, free from dings, and in their original packaging, damage to a returned product caused by improper packaging may disqualify the returned product for return. 

  • We cannot refund wheels that have suffered rim damage due to hard impacts or other severe crash damage. In cases of severe damage, you may qualify for our accident replacement scheme

If you do choose to part with your Love Mud wheels 

  • Contact support@alpkit.com to book a collection via ParcelForce (for UK orders) or DHL (for international orders). 

  • Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of international returns, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping along with any custom duties or taxes.  

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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