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UK Made Adventure - Koala

By Col
21, Dec, 2015

An insight into the creation of a bike packing set up here at Alpkit HQ UK factory. The Koala seat pack.

Koala header

We're continually bringing production back to the UK! Over two years ago we decided to manufacture in the UK, we grabbed the repair guys and sat them down at an old sewing machine that regularly ate sleeves. We could do it, but we needed some management - Jim drove the dream forward into a reallity and we hired Anna to help set up the factory, before Ben took the reigns and it has grown from there.

The following series of short videos will show Ben at work and give an insight into how 3 of our bike luggage products are made here at Alpkit HQ, creating a bikepacking set up that gets you up and ready for those bike adventures ahead. 

Starting at the back with the Koala seat pack. The Koala and it's little brother the Kowari are designed to hug your saddle and seat pin and just ‘hang on for the ride’. Perfect for stashing anything from your lunch to your spare clothes to your sleeping bag, helping to maintain a balanced riding style off road, or streamlined on road! One of the great things about producing in house is that we can tweak changes easily and the Koala has had a few adaptations, incuding the buckles, all helping to increase the performance and holding abilty.  

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