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The Perfect Getaway Guide

By Col
19, Aug, 2016

Make sure you're not leaving things till the last minute, even for those long weekends!

Getaway home

A three day bank holiday weekend, a full week, a whole month! Holidays come, holidays go. But hold fast and the next one will be just around the corner. But what if that is suddenly just 5 days away?

No matter what the duration, the location or quality of your companions, one thing always rears it's head and must be done. Prep. We all do it and we all say we'll do it better next time. If you reckon that you've got it down to a seamless art then this is no place for you fella, off you go and enjoy that stress free holiday. For the rest of us, here's just a few pointers to set you on your way.

Remember -  for UK orders you can order with us up till 2pm Thursday 25th and get your goodies before the weekend by upgrading to next day guaranteed, but it's leaving it a bit late isn't it!? 

Day 1. 

Perhaps you are proper gnarly and go out in all weather, but some poor weather over the last year may have meant that your kit has been locked away longer than normal, or maybe you haven't been camping since you left uni 20 years ago. With just 5 days untill your holiday, now is most definitely the time to check over all your adventure holiday assets. 

  • No floppy flys, or flying tents
    Are your pegs where they are meant to be? You can do it, but it's not really that cool to pitch a geodesic without them. 
  • Review your friends
    Real friends wouldn't keep gear you lent them any longer than absolutely necessary. They shouldn't put this stress on you, so hit Dave for that cooking pan set he borrowed last August bank holiday.
  • Leave 80's outdoor fashion in the 80's
    OK you might think it's retro classic, but unless you're confident that it's coming back it doesn't do any of us any favours, things have moved on unless you've got an old SnapT.
  • No pump assisted beds on public campsites
    Less pumping more self inflating, so make sure your sleeping mat is up to the job. Lilo's are most definitely for the pool only.
  • Fill up on gas
    You shouldn't be the one full of gas, certainly not for the journey in the car, but your gas bottles should. You'll be needing that first morning cuppa.

Day 2.

This should be the fun bit. Plan what you are going to do during the holiday, just incase you need to get any suitable new kit. We're not saying every detail, part of an adventure is in the not knowing, but you need to know what to pack. It will also alleviate some stress in tyring to think of things while you are away.  

  • Plan to not plan
    Keep an open mind and see what happens.

  • Go somewhere new
    If you've not already booked then start your holiday by going in totally the opposite direction than you normally go. 

  • Find mud
    It means you've done something proper. If it's not on your clothes, bike or in your car by the time you return then you are a failure.

  • Do something new
    Take on the challenge of doing at least one thing that you've never tried before. Think what you want to do, not what kit you have.   

  • Never blank out
    There is a wealth of inspiration out there for imaginative ideas of what to do, so spend a little time researching some options and creating a list. 

Day 3. 

Things to do before you go. So you've checked your kit, planned what you might be getting up to. Now's the time to tie up urgent loose ends. 

  • New or replacement kit
    If we've got it we should be able to get it to you next day (in the UK) if you order by 2pm, depending on what it is, best to contact if you're unsure. But you may also need to organise a trip to the shops, so get a list together of all the bits you need.
  • Clear the decks
    Return any library books and pay bills.
  • Clear the fridge
    If you can't finish it, then pass that smelly cheese onto your neighbour.

  • Contingencies
    Always good to have something up your sleeves just in case.  Check for colouring materials, order any handy books  and dig out that pack of cards you know is around somewhere.   
  • Panic
    If you can't hold it in then do it now while you still have time to calm down and clear your head.

Day 4. 

Different than planning things, this is now a good time to sit down and ensure everyone is clear about what people want to get out of this holiday and set some ground rules. 

  • Packed the day before you go
    A hard one to hit, but it wouldn't be right to not at least consider it. 
  • Clean the house
    Well some people seem to want to clean their house before going away. There's nothing worse than trying to do it while getting people loaded into the car, so if you must, do it now.
  • Grumble free zone
    No one likes a sourpuss on holiday. Leave your work stresses at the desk.

  • A chance to bond
    It's family time ok, that means no arguing, period. 
  • Do not let the weather ruin the holiday
    Take control, positive thinking will lead to positive weather, even if it is pouring with rain.  

Day 5.

We've reached the final day and that means there's nothing left really to do other than ease into your holiday break. Right?

  • Leave work on time
  • Put on a fresh Alpkit T-shirt
  • Pack up the car.
  • Realise it doesn't fit and repack
  • Drive off - then realise your road tax is going to expire in 2 days.

  • Join everyone else who has read this guide in the queues.

  • Remember that it is actually all for fun and don't take it too seriously on your holidays. Have a fantastic time.

Of course if you need advice through the week up to your holiday getaway then our customer service team are always at hand to help calm you down should the plan not be working, they are not on holiday but still cheery.

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