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The Big Shakeout - What to expect?

By Jay Oram
22, Jul, 2015

We sum up past years festivals and add a sneak peak at what is to come this September...


So what is Big Shakeout? The easiest way to get a flavour is to check out our Flickr Album of previous Big Shakeout festivals and watch the Trailer below - then check out the Big Shakeout website to plan your weekend away. 

Big Shakeout 2015 Trailer from Alpkit on Vimeo.

You may also ask Why? It all started because we love the Alps, they do things a little different over in Europe. They do have slightly larger mountains and a little bit more sun and snow, but one thing we could bring back were the amazing festivals. In the most basic form a like minded bunch of outdoor enthusiasts would all come together in one place to share some accomodation, get out and enjoy whatever activity they wanted during the day before returning back to unwind with a good meal and a few drinks with everyone, share the stories, talk of adventures to come and to meet others with the same ideals. 

The Big Shakeout is our own tribute to this - based in our back garden here in the Peak District it brings together families, solo adventurers and groups all wanting to enjoy a weekend of outdoor activities. We provide a comfy campsite in conjunction with Thornbridge Outdoors, bring as big a marquee as we can fit and put on a range of music, provide a bar and invite experts to come and talk about their adventures. 

During the day you can go off and enjoy the Peak district with some tips from the Alpkit staff who pride themselves on their local knowledge, alternatively take a look at the big Peaks map in the information point and throw a dart to see where it could take you - there is always a crowd around the map and often groups form to head to the hills, rivers and tracks close by...

Maybe you want to try something different, you have visited the Grit one day but have never had a go a Canoeing, Caving, Bushcraft, Yoga or you want some expert training in Climbing, Mountain biking or Nordic walking? We've got you covered with the School of Adventure - a range of courses aiming to get you started in a new sport or refine your current skills. 

The Big Shakeout festival is the ideal basecamp for a weekend of adventure in the Peak District. The format is simple, be active during the day and be entertained in the evening. If you have a taste for adventure, want to be inspired and try something new the Big Shakeout is for you. Its a not-for-profit festival with all proceeds supporting outdoor charities.

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