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Gear Chooser: Gamma vs. Prism 100

By Jay Oram
13, Aug, 2015

Two close contenders - which is best for you?

With many head torches in the Alpkit lighting range - it can be difficult to choose the best for your needs. I've never subscribed to buying the best you can afford as most likely you won't make full use of all the features. So you get a super bright torch, the equivalent to your car full beams, that weighs a ton - and you only want it for getting up in the night to find a suitable loo spot...

So when it comes to the mid-range torch for under £25, which should you choose between the Prism 100 and the Gamma

Lets start with lumens: the Prism has 10% more than the Gamma and throws a beam of light a lot further (130m in fact!!). The Gamma's 88 lumens is not to be sniffed at, but if you go purely on power and beam length; for example if you don't plan on using your torch all night or it is there purely for emergency use to get off the hill or down from the crag - then you want the best performance possible.

Size and weight: the Prism is just over 100g and having only one AA battery, it's packsize is tiny. The Gamma is slightly heavier and a little bit bigger with a separate battery compartment and 60% more batteries (3x AAA).

The Prism is a little harder wearing, with a main body made from tough Aluminium and an IP rating of IPX7; meaning it is extremely water resistant, over the Gamma which is rated IPX4 and has a plastic body. 

Battery power and features are where the Gamma strides ahead, with a range of colours and a rear flashing red light it is a bit of a do it all torch. The Gamma also has a longer battery life, but as mentioned before, if you are sticking it in your pack for the odd walk down from a crag, a trip back from the pub to the tent or to get you off the hill after a longer than expected day - why carry more battery power than you need?? 

Check out the Gamma page for more details of this award winning torch, or check out the Prism 100 page for the newcomer with a lot going for it.

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