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Eating Out - Alfresco Summer Dining

By Jay Oram
19, Aug, 2015

The sun is still in the sky at tea time, take the opportunity to eat outside - Season with a pinch of adventure to suit your own taste.


The summer holidays may be coming to a close, the kids will be due back at school shortly, the rides after work will end that little bit sooner and an extra layer may be required while exploring at dusk. Well hang on just a minute, the summer's not over yet and so we are encouraging everyone to take advantage of the remaining evening sun and enjoy some alfresco dining. Invite your friends for an outdoor dinner party before the summer ends and enjoy a meal in the dwindling summer evening light... all we're suggesting is that you season your meal time with as much adventure as suits your taste buds.

Go that little bit further and head out into the hills or simply drag the dining room chairs onto the lawn. Whatever you do, just make sure you cook outdoors and do it in the company of friends. Enjoy one last Spag Bol or maybe one of the recipes from our good friend the Guyrope Gourmet (if you need further inspiration then be quick as his cookery school sessions at our Big Shakeout are filling up fast) 

The Menu: Below we have some recipes for budding camp cooks - A starter of 'Gambas Al Ajillo' (Prawns in Garlic to you and me!!) - followed by a one pot Chicken and potato recipe and lastly a cheesecake you can cook anywhere - but of course you can make up your own and we'd love to hear where you end up and what menu you'd come up with for your perfect alfresco summer dinner party. 

Starter - From the Guyrope Gourmet Online Recipe Series 

Main Meal - A festive One Pot Meal

Dessert - Camp Cheesecake

The Cookware: If that has inspired you to get out and try some alfresco meals - we would encourage you to get out and use whatever equipment you already have. But if you fancy a shiny new cookset or just need a new titanium spork from our cutlery range, we have plenty of cookware kit which really work well together, in fact they were designed that way! From lightweight stoves to a non-stick titanium pan set or the MytiStax cookset for two. And after the meal? For drinks we've got that most desirable set up for ultra lightweight concious tea or coffee drinkers, the Titanium Elite Bundle where you can save over £20.

If you decide you'd rather dine out on your own then make up this superlight solo cookset - Combine the MytiMug 650, 44g Titanium Kraku stove with a SnapWire Foon (or similar) all weighing in at under 250g

Hopefully there should be nothing stopping you enjoying a meal outside now, but if you need any more encouragement, have any questions or want to know the most bizarre place we have eaten, drop us a call, tweet, e-mail or even post a letter and we will get back to you asap! Let us know what you're up to Facebook | Twitter | Instagram #GoNicePlacesDoGoodThings

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