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Sleeping bag shootout: Find the bag that is right for you

By Kenny Stocker
27, May, 2015

As we move into summer our 2015 offering of sleeping bags is really starting to take shape, so I thought it would be worthwhile pulling together the complete range in a single comparison table.

2015 marks the return of sleeping bags to our range and we are really very excited about that. PipeDreams are already online and in stock and our seriously warm SkyeHigh and ArcticDreams are on the way. In short we are going to have a range suitable for anything from wild camping in the UK to expeditions in the greater ranges. If you are anywhere near Nottingham and want to try them on for size; pop in and see us, we have them all on display. In the mean time I thought it would be worthwhile pulling together a summary of where we are right now to help you find the best sleeping bag for you from our range.

Mountain Ghost
Optimised synthetic insulation, akin to down, creates a synthetic bag with low weight and bulk; well suited to 2 season use where you need the practicality of a synthetic bag. Weighing in around 1 kg, with a limit temperature of - 0.8 ºC - You will be hard pushed to find a bag to compete on weight and warmth, with the added re-assurance synthetic fill gives.

Pared down to the bare minimum to give a range of lightweight fine tuned sleeping bags with the adventurous traveller in mind. Optimised with 750 fill power down to get the most warmth, with no unnecessary features. These specialist bags use 90/10 goosedown and are suited to 2-3 season use or as a liner bag for winter trips. Our bag of choice for adventures where space and weight are at a premium - such as bikepacking, lightweight backpacking and kayaking.

The workhorse of our sleeping bag range. They will see you comfortably through a few weeks camping and still be light enough to drag along on an extended trip. High fill power down in a comfortably spacious design makes the SkyeHigh our most versatile bags. 650+ fill power 90/10 Chinese goose down means that SkyeHigh will keep you warm and keep the bag light. If you are heading off to the Alps this summer and need a bag that does everything well this is your man.

Our warmest bags - Expedition standard high quality 750 fill power goose down bags in 3 fill weights. The ArcticDream range has been designed for all but the harshest and most serious cold weather environments. Engineered to combine low weight, packed bulk and incredible warmth this is ideally suited to the adventurer going on a trip of a lifetime, faced with an ever increasing kit list bill. Although the bag has been specifically designed for cold dry adventures in areas such as Arctic Circle, Alaska and Siberia. The bag is also suited to any cold sleeper, who needs additional warmth at warmer but still sub zero temperatures.

  Mtn Ghost PD250 PD300 PD400 SH700 SH900 ARD1000 ARD1200 ARD1400
Fill type Synthetic Goosedown Goosedown Goosedown Goosedown Goosedown Goosedown Goosedown Goosedown
Fill power n/a IDFB 750 IDFB 750 IDFB 750 EU 650+ EU 650+ IDFB 750 IDFB 750 IDFB 750
Fill mix n/a 90/10 90/10 90/10 90/10 90/10 95/5 95/5 95/5
Fill weight (g) tbc 250 300 400 700 900 1000 1200 1400
Total weight (g) 1000** 650 651 790 1350 1670 1640 1750 1960
Comfort (ºC) 4.3 6.3 3.1 2 -2 -6 -10.5 -23.3 -36.9
Limit (ºC) -0.8 -1.5 -2.3 -4 -8 -13 -18 -33 -48.9
Extreme (ºC) -11 -13.5 -18.4 -20 -26 -30 -39.4 -58.6 -79.2
Construction Stitch-thru Stitch-thru Stitch-thru Stitch-thru Box wall Box wall Box wall Box wall Box wall

* Available for pre-order
** Provisional figures based on specification.

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