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Catch Nature off Guard

By Dan Thompson
02, Jun, 2016

You are never really going to see what nature’s up to, unless you’re prepared to sleep out amongst it.

Travel Quieter, Lighter and further, and stay out longer...

You are never really going to see what nature’s up to, unless you’re prepared to sleep out amongst it. Our range of bivvy bags, tents, cooking gear and other paraphernalia will have you living off the grid for just as long as you like.

Here at Alpkit we like to go a little further, we like to travel further, away from the busy honeypots and out into the wilds. Our products allow you to go further without sacrificing  (too much) comfort.

We want you to get out there and get closer to the wild, to sneak up on the woodland creatures and to have the experiences that only being out longer, quieter and further from civilisation brings.



‘Catch Nature off Guard’ is the theme for our latest Outpost magazine and our cover star is Bernard, Bernard the AlpBear.

Over the month of June Bernard the AlpBear is off on his travels.  Look out for him in on our social media channels over the next couple of days.

When you see him there’ll be an image and clues to his location, then its up to you to go find him...

We’re hoping our friends out there will help Bernard enjoy his travels, we’re asking that once found you send us a picture of you with Bernard, either via social media with the #wheresbernardbear or to mail us on support@alpkit.com

Then the fun bit... we want you to take Bernard out with you on your adventures, and within 48hours of finding him leave him out somewhere else.

Along with a Picture of Bernard in situ we need either GPS co-ordinates or a 6 figure grid reference and brief description of where he is.

These can be posted on any of our social media channels and tagged with #wheresbernardbear or mailed to us on support@alpkit.com

We will then contract you and send you a prize from our box of goodies...

Everyone who finds Bernard and takes part during the month of June will be put into a prize draw at the end of the month to win a new Gravitas Waterproof jacket worth £120


So keep an eye on our website and Social channels for news of Bernard’s travels.




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