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Alpkit Wetsuit Range

By Dan Thompson
14, Mar, 2017

Whatever your swimming needs we have the suit for you.

Wild swimming wetsuits-6150

Our new wetsuits have been in for a month or so now and feedback has been really good.


The Terrapin is a more neutral swimming wetsuit, It is a 2-3mm suit for lower buoyancy, features a glideskin front  for swimming speed and performance plus the cut gives unrestricted arm and shoulder movement for comfort and speed.

Unlike other similar suits the Terrapin is designed specifically for open water swimming. The less buoyant nature also gives a more natural swimming style and is ideal for those who want the thermal protection of a suit but not the buoyancy. The Terrapin is perfect for swims around 2 miles in length in typical UK conditions, so for 30min-1hr in the water. 

The Terrapin is £100

Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.18.30Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.19.02

The Silver Tip is our second new suit and is really exciting for us. Development on this suit was over 12 months and several samples and prototypes tested by our in house swimmers and the Outdoor Swimming Society. 

The SilverTip is a fleece lined suit with much higher thermal properties, we have designed it with longer swims, colder water and winter swimmers in mind.

The neoprene is 3mm-5mm glideskin and we’ve carefully balanced the buoyancy with the fleece lining to give a comfortable and supportive swimming action.

This is a serious suit for serious swimmers so if you want to swim year round, want t swim in cold water or like to spend more time in the water then this is the suit for you.

The Silvetip Thermal suit is £195 and available now.

Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.19.14Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.19.27

The Lotic was our first suit and has been a popular addition to our range.

The Lotic has been redesigned and the fit tweaked for 2017.

Lotic is our all-round suit for open water swimming, it uses a range of neoprene panels from 1.5mm to 4mm throughout to perfectly balance buoyancy, freedom of movement and comfort.

For example the Lotic uses 3.5mm neoprene on the back and 4mm on the leg and butt area to give extra lift in the lower body and promote a more efficient swimming position.

The suit is primarily made up of Glideskin neoprene to further streamline the stroke and increase efficiency.  The Glideskin also gives better water repellency and reduces heat conduction so is warmer than standard neoprene.

Lotic is the best suit for all round use and offers the best compromise between flexibility and buoyancy for swimmers of all abilities.

The Lotic is £145 and available now.

Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.19.39Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 12.19.52

All of the suits have flashes of colour at the neck, wrists and ankles for improved visibility and deep back zippers with lanyard so you can get in and out of them yourself. All 3 suits are also available in a range of sizes and fits for men and  women.  

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