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About the Airic range

By alpjim
21, Apr, 2009

The new Airic range features new fabrics, construction methods and we even introduce some new models.


Rain falling on your tent always sounds better after a good night's sleep... in fact everything feels better after a good night's sleep. Whether you are high in the mountains miles away from human contact or camping with friends in the dunes we believe you deserve a good snooze. Wherever you chose to pitch your temporary home we have a self-inflating mattress that will make your life more comfortable and because we source direct from the factory and sell straight to you our quality hasn't been compromised at the hands of the accountant.

Way back in 2007 we sat down with a blank sheet of paper and sketched out where we wanted to go with our sleeping mats. As one of our first ever product ranges the "Airics", as we like to call them, have been a staple feature of Alpkit. We have always known our original supplier of mats could only take us so far and it took us 2 years to find a new factory that we were happy could deliver a more diverse range together with the quality we expect.

Like the first seedlings growing in the garden the first fruits of our labour have now arrived and there is now a mat in our range suitable for your adventures... however daring it may be. We have the Airo for the weight conscious, for the fat mat camper we now have a choice of 3 designs and for those starting out on their adventures we have the Base, ideal for DofE.

We feel there is no doubt that choosing to sleep on a self-inflating mattress will improve your camping experience. Gram for gram they are more comfortable than a traditional closed cell mat. They are way less bulky and warmer than an airbed and you can sit back and enjoy a cool beer whilst watching your friends endlessly blowing up theirs.

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