In our multi-media environment what can and cannot be worn by the people whom we admire and trust on TV has become a hot topic for debate. Nowhere is this debate more relevent than in the area of outside broadcasting, where live or on-location shooting takes place in some of the most inhospitable corners of the world and in all weathers. Programme makers struggle to provide their presenters with the most stylish and fit-for-purpose garments whilst complying with the strict guidelines drafted by the regulatory bodies overseeing and protecting the interests of the viewing public.

loGo is an innovative and futureproof solution that gives network buyers, programme makers and presenters the garment technology they need to balance their commercial liabilities, editorial integrity and independence from external interests without sacrificing the quality and reliability of a trusted technical clothing brand.



Flexible loGoPaper is sewn in to the heart of all of our jackets. It can display any logo you choose and can be controlled from your smart phone with one of our suite of apps.


loGo is 100% compliant with 95% of the major broadcast networks. Peace of mind is as simple as selecting from one of the presets.


Gain a competitive edge and ensure you have the latest logos with minimum latency by connecting to loGoServer which also stores a logo archive for period productions.


Security is not an afterthought with loGo. 'Talpa Tunneling' of data ensures you won’t get any logo leakage across competing networks filming on the same location.


Location Based Services are built right in as standard, and not only that, each loGo jacket is spatially aware of paired loGo jackets to ensure no two presenters are wearing the same logo. loGoProximity can be disabled for light entertainment double acts such as Ant & Dec.


Viewers' complaints made during broadcast are passed through an ‘algorithm’ which triggers the ProductPlacement logo to alert vulnerable viewers. Settings can be as low as 2 viewers in 7 million for hit shows such as Countryfile.


Viewers can show loyalty to their favourite brands with this subscription based service. By using the red button on their TV, viewers can transplant their favourite logo. Effects are only visible on the subscriber's personal viewing device.


Programme makers will love this logo tracking feature. Each loGo jacket logs which logos are being displayed and consolidated reports can be pulled out for compliancy audits.


Get the suits off your back by giving them lots of dynamically changing graphs and generate additional income with Live Logo Placement Bidding. Ideal for commercial networks where every viewer is a potential dollar.


Our fly-by-wire solution for presenters looking for a manual logo over-ride. Virtually invisible soft controllers are ergonomically placed around the jacket to allow operation from virtually any position. Enable with caution, only for use with the most trustworthy presenters such as Chris Packham.


Event production teams can ensure complete brand sychnronization over sponsorship-sensitive sporting or music events.


Broadcast Strength features make loGo a non-brainer for programme makers and executives. Now there is no need to risk non-compliance.