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The Firm-A-Rest has been synonymous with camping mat technology for over three decades, we are excited to announce our latest development. The Firm-A-Rest Row-Light 4 is set to take over as the campers standard. Everyone knows the disadvantages of self-inflating technology; slow to inflate, punctures easily and more than anything you look like a big softy. We think the Firm-A-Rest can change all that. Made from solid blocks the mat will never let you down, will never deflate, and is always ready to use. Its moduality means you simply lay out the blocks in the way you sleep.

So simple even your mum wouldn't believe it. Roll out the T-rest and hey presto a bed like freshly mown lawn. Want to wake up in an alpine meadow? simply lay down the T-Rest and enjoy the smell of edelweiss. This technology requires a little more maintenance than the Firm-A-Rest for optimum performance but this is time well spent. Mow twice a month and keep watered every two days, your T-Rest will never let you down. Comes complete with Gnome.

If you want to go fast and light go no further than Air-Burst, we have taken this technology from the space industry. Everybody knows how technologically advanced the space industry is, well we found Air-Burst being used to pack objects safely away in space crates. Our engineers quickly saw how the technology could be enhanced and our mats can be cut to an ergonomic shape using state of the art equipment.

New: Throne kit
Be treated like a king with our Firm-A-Rest Throne conversion kit. It knocks over in a snap, converts instantly to a bed, and features adjustable arm rests and a built-in cup holders.

Alpkit 01/04/06