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Welcome to the Alpkit support centre. Here you can find answers to your questions about our products. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for then please do ask us a question.
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Alpine Bond product warranty

All our products are warrantied for 3 years against defects in materials or workmanship. If anything is found to be defective against this warranty we will repair or replace it at our discretion. If it’s your fault we will help out the best we can. Normal wear and tear, misuse, alteration or abuse are not covered.

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Product Support Questions and Answers

Help and advice to keep your Alpkit products in tip-top working condition.

Bike Luggage

Bikepacking luggage for Mytimugs
Can I use VX21 on a carbon bike frame?
How big is Alpkit bike luggage in litres?
How to attach a Koala seat pack to your bike
How to attach a Roo Pouch to your Kanga harness
How to attach an Airlok XTra to your handlebars
How to load a dry bag on to your Kanga handlebar harness
Setting up you Kanga handlebar harness
VIDEO: How to make your Stingray template
Why are my Koala straps slipping?

Bikes Forks

Bike Frame and Build Weights

Bikes Tyres

Can I run a tyre with a width outside of the recommended range for the wheelset?
Which tyre do I need?

Bikes Wheels

60 Day Love Mud Wheel trial
Can I get boost hub wheelsets in a standard hub size?
Can I run a tyre with a width outside of the recommended range for the wheelset?
Can the Love Mud Juice be converted for a 15 x 100 mm axle?
Do wheelsets come with QR and bolt-through adapters?
How much does international shipping for Sonder Bikes and Love Mud Wheels cost?
Is the Juice dynamo hub upgrade available on any wheels?
Love Mud Wheels: 60 Day Test Ride
Which wheelset for which Sonder Bike?


Alpkit 0% Bike Finance
Bike Frame and Build Weights
Common Bike Upgrades: price list
Cycle to Work Schemes
How much does international shipping for Sonder Bikes and Love Mud Wheels cost?
I'm between bike sizes - which size should I choose?
Sonder bespoke frames and bikes
Try Before You Buy - Sonder Demo and Bike Hire
When will my Sonder bike be despatched?
When will you get your bike?
Why have Alpkit designed their own bikes?


How do I land on my crash pad?
What are Fixe-Roca Endurance Ropes?
What are the differences between Fixe Roca Rope Treatments?
Which rope is right for me?
Will my boulder mat fit in my car?

Clothing Baselayer

Help me pick the right size
Merino Care Guide
Skiing kit list
What is mulesing-free merino?

Clothing Eyewear

How do I change the lenses on my Krugers?

Clothing Insulation

Alpkit's ethical down policy [pre-winter 2016]
Down is escaping, is this normal?
Help me pick the right size
How to Clean A Down Jacket or Sleeping Bag
Kilimanjaro Kit List: What to pack
What is goose/ duck down?
What is the difference between fill weight and fill power?
Where do we measure arm length from?

Clothing Outerlayer

Help me pick the right size
How do I clean and reproof my waterproof garment?
How water resistant are our zips?
My shell doesn't feel breathable/ waterproof
Pulsar waterproof top
Skiing kit list
Where do we measure arm length from?


Bikepacking luggage for Mytimugs
Can I get a replacement lid?
Can I use a different pan on my BruKit burner?
Dishwasher Safe - Can I put my cookware in a dishwasher?
Do the Jackal and Wolf pot supports fit the original BruKit?
How fast do BruKits boil?
International stove instructions
Is it okay to cook in my BruKit or BruPot with the neoprene cover on?
Is it possible to over-tighten stoves to gas canisters?
Is the BruPot compatible with the BruKit?
Is the Kelvin mug watertight?
What are the advantages of titanium?
What type of gas canister do I need?
Which gas canisters are compatible with your stoves?


Blip Instructions
Bob Instructions
Boson Bike Light Instructions
Can I use Lithium or rechargeable batteries?
Gamma - How to change the battery pack?
Gamma II Instructions
Gamma: How do I replace my Gamma battery lid?
Gamma: How do I temporarily fix a broken Gamma Battery case?
Glowe lantern instructions
Hadron Bike Light Insight
Hadron Bike Light Instructions
Head Torch Functions - how to turn on the sidelights or change light colours on your Alpkit torch?
Prism 100 Instructions
Prism 630 Instructions
Prism battery lock - How to save my batteries?
Qark Instructions
Quark: How to remove the Qark strap
Recycle your old electricals (WEEE)
Tau Bike Light Instructions
Trinity Lantern Instructions
Viper Head Torch Instructions
Which headtorch should I choose?


How do I fix a hole in my Gourdon?
Is this bag waterproof?
Which fabric? Our bike luggage fabrics explained


Where does the palm oil in Extreme Foods come from?


Bear Bones guide to the Rig tarp
Does Tetri come with a footprint?
Heksa Tent Pitching Instructions
How breathable is the Hunka bivi bag?
How do I prevent condensation in my tent?
How do I stuff my Hunka?
Jaran Tent Pitching Instructions
Mountain Tent Dimensions
Ordos Tent Pitching Instructions
Tent Care Instructions
Top Tarp Tips - 6 ways to pitch a tarp

Sleeping Bags

Alpkit's ethical down policy [pre-winter 2016]
Can I zip together long and short sleeping bags?
Cloud Cover
Down is escaping, is this normal?
How do I use a heat patch?
How our sleeping bags are tested
How to clean your down sleeping bag
Kilimanjaro Kit List: What to pack
Left or right zip
Packing your sleeping bag in an Airlok
SLEEP - optimising your sleeping bag's warmth
Sleeping bag comfort ratings
What is goose/ duck down?
What is the difference between fill weight and fill power?
What size Airlok for my sleeping bag or down jacket?
Which sleeping bag is suitable for my Kilimanjaro trip?
Will my new Pipedream zip to an older version?
You Warm the Bag

Sleeping Mats

Cloud Base Care
Cloud Base Dimensions
How to inflate our Dumo sleeping mat
How to pack a Double Dozer
Self inflating camping mats - Alternative repair techniques
Self inflating camping mats - Find your puncture 2
Self inflating camping mats - Locating a puncture
Self inflating camping mats - Repairs
Self inflating camping mats - Repairs and care
Self inflating camping mats - Using in winter
Self-Inflating Sleeping Mats: First use and care guide
Sleeping Mats: Checking for and repairing leaks
Why don't we use R values?


Does the Hydra Wallit float?
How do I get my wetsuit on?!

Trekking Poles

Carbonlite Trekking Poles
Compact Ultra trekking poles
How to use trekking poles
Shox Trekking Poles

UK Made Packs

How to rewax your waxed cotton product