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SkyeHigh : 3 & 4 season sleeping bag

Whether you are travelling around the world, walking along the tracks of the Lakes with a pack on your back, or just kipping over on your mate's floor at Uni, the SkyeHigh makes the perfect partner. Our SkyeHigh series is a serious choice for serious campers with many of the features of many higher priced models.

A Real Synthetic Alternative

You can buy a top end sythentic bag and have change in your pocket before you've pulled even the most basic down bag off the shelf. You can't get it wet and you have to get it professionally cleaned. So why buy down? Because they have exceptional warmth-to-weight and warmth-to-bulk ratios. Down sleeping bags provide great insulation as well as being extremely compressible and light. The biggest worry of a down bag is getting wet. We can't think of the last time any of us at Alpkit got our bags so wet we couldn't sleep in them. Obviously if you're going rafting down a remote river in South America you may have to be extra careful but most people are perfectly capable of keeping a down sleeping bag dry. Surprisingly you can also wash your sleeping bag in a conventional washing machine, you just have to take care and your time.

Goose down fill

The most expensive part of a down-bag is the filling. We've packed these bags with 90/10 650+ European Fill Power down. We feel this down gives the best value for performance of any down. We have chosen a fabric that can be easily lofted by this fill power ensuring you'll receive the maximum benefit. There is a slight weight penalty over higher fill power downs and it doesn't feel as soft due to the increased amount of feathers. For more information about down see our down information page.

Which bag is for you?

SH600 -5ºC. 2-3 season. What does this mean? The SH600 is designed as an all round 3 season sleeping bag. If you are looking to go to Scotland in the winter look at our SH800 or PD600. This bag will be fine for year round use and should keep you toasty if Jack Frost comes for a visit. Many people will buy this bag as their first serious sleeping bag and almost definitely their first down sleeping bag. They will not be used to sleeping in low temperatures without central heating and we would not recommend anyone pushes this bag to nights cooler than -5ºC. Alternatively if weight is not a factor in your purchasing decision, the SH800 is a good upgrade from the SH600 for those people who like to stay really toasty at night in the autumn and spring.

SH800 -10ºC. 3 season. What does this mean? The SH800 is a real UK four season bag for the experienced user. This bag is designed for people who may have owned a heavy synthetic bag and are looking to lighten the load. You are happy to accept the risks of a bivi in a Scottish winter where temperatures may be cooler than -10ºC. You accept you may get chilly, especially if you are tired and hungry and may have to wear clothing whilst sleeping. The SH800 is a good upgrade from the SH600 for spring and autumn campers who like to stay really toasty at night when the temperature occasionally drops below freezing.

SH1000 -16ºC. 4 season. What does this mean? For many this bag will be too warm. This bag is best for people off on a trip of a lifetime in Africa or Asia. You may not be carrying the bag and although you may be an active outdoor enthusiast you have rarely slept in sub zero temperatures. This bag should help keep you safe down to -20ºC, temperatures not uncommon in the high altitude regions of the world. However bear in mind -20ºC in the Himalaya on an organised trek can in no way can be compared to the damp Scottish cold!


The shells of the SkyeHighs have been made from a very soft lightweight micro ripstop DWR nylon fabric. They have then been lined with 300l Tactel nylon. These aren't the most technical fabrics in the world but again we have selected them because we feel they give superb performance and excellent durability without a the hefty price tag of much lighter fabrics. The DWR coating and non-wicking threads on the shell help prevent dew and tent drips from affecting the down performance.


The SkyeHighs are the most techincal bag we have made yet. To maximise the performance 650+ Fill Power down the SkyeHigh bags have side baffles which provide two benefits. Firstly they give shape to the bag meaning the down baffles form a square tube for you to sleep in. This prevents the down from being compressed as it tries to shape around your body. Secondly the baffle sizes are smaller meaning there is less possibility of cold spots forming. To prevent the zip compressing any part of the bag the full length zip runs along the bottom of the side baffle before rising up to the hood.


In the old days Arctic explorers and mountain adventurers found that if they trimmed the shape of a square shaped bag not only could they reduce the weight and pack size of the bag, but they would be warmer as well. The mummy shape is universally recognised as the shape of the modern sleeping bag. The SkyeHigh bags are generously cut around the shoulders giving plenty of room to wriggle around. The bag reduces down around the legs until the foot area which has been shaped like a shark's fin to give a sculptured area for your feet. For those of you not the same dimensions as an Alpkit employee we will be offering the SkyeHigh in 3 different lengths. The Large is 20cm longer and the Small is 20cm shorter than the regular SkyeHigh sleeping bag.


The hood drawcord allows you to pull it in tight around your face and move with you during the night. The shoulder baffle's drawcord lets you pull it around your shoulders and prevent warm air from venting out into the hood.


All of component parts of the SkyeHigh are of the best quality, YKK zips, Duraflex buckles and accessories. Inside the sleeping bag below the shoulder baffle there is a hidden passport pocket for those trips when you need to it keep close to you. We have found this great for an iPod too, when you need a sound track to those wilderness nights out on the beach.

The best sleeping bags for..

Budding alpinists, trekking, sea kayaking, cycle touring, Duke of Edinburgh, scouting.

Feature panel

Each SkyeHigh bag comes with 2 stuff bags; a 4-way compression bag and a cotton storage bag.

All of component parts of the SkyeHigh sleeping bags are of the highest quality, YKK zips, Duraflex buckles and accessories.

We use 90/10 650+ (European scale) fill power Chinese white goose down, a good compromise between cost and performance.

Sleeping bags keep you warmer if they fit well, for this reason we offer 3 sizes. It also means that you only have to carry what you need! Long and Short versions are 20 cm longer or shorter than the regular bags.

The bag reduces down around the legs and the foot area has been shaped to give a sculptured area for your feet.

The zipper runs close to the ground and curves up around the shoulder giving shape to the hood and reduces compression of the down.

Specification panel

Fill weight /gr6008001000
Min Weight /gr121514351680
Max Weight /gr134315701820
Min pack size /cm23x2525x2728x30
Small /cm190x70190x70190x70
Regular /cm210x75210x75210x75
Large /cm230x80230x80230x80
Limit / ºC*-5-10-16

Customer feedback

Bought the alpkid 250 for my five year old son, but it's had most use from my (small) nine year old daughter… - Martin on 2012-08-30

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Buyer's guide

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