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WTB MTB Tube 29 x 1.9/2.3

WTB MTB Tube 29 x 1.9/2.3


  • - WTB MTB Tube 29 x 1.9/2.3

29 inch MTB inner tube with Presta Valve


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Oh humble inner tube, what a world you must see as you rock and roll  on mountains and trails. Out of sight, out of mind, but always there when we need you the most.

No one really talks about the inner tube, but that doesn't  stop them from needing one. This one is durable enough to keep you rolling, yet light enough to fit in nicely in your saddle bag with a pair of Pursuader tyre levers.

Inner tubes may not seem exciting, but Prudence states that you should always have a spare at hand even for your faithful tubeless setup, and who are we to argue with Prudence?

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Valve: Presta


Size: 29 x 1.9/2.3

Origin: United Kingdom

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