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Wilderness Magazine Volume 2


  • Mongolian eagle hunters, American Dirtbags and Worldwide Nomads -
    Mongolian eagle hunters, American Dirtbags and Worldwide Nomads

Wilderness Magazine Volume 2

Volume 2 of Wilderness, a new US high quality publication we've specially imported dedicated to exploration, character and grit

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We've specially imported limited quantities of Wilderness, a new beautifully presented US magazine. In the words of editor Steve Dubbeldam, this magazine is "a reply to conversations I've had with over 200 men aged 18 to 80 while sitting around campfires after guiding them on adventures in the wild."

In reality however, this magazine is a beautifully composed volume, with stunning high quality images, in-depth interviews and stories of adventures throughout the world.

Explored through a series of photo stories, interviews, essays and more. This insightful and thought-provoking issue explores nomadic lifestyles and all that entails; including a Brief History or Wandering from an Anthropologist, the way of life of a family of Mongolian hunters that prefer eagles to guns, Tales of an All American Dirtbag and… Don’t Insult the Coyote.

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  • Fabric bound cover
  • Page size: 19.6 x 26.8
  • 120 pp
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