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Whot party game


  • - Whot party game

Fun card game for 2 or more players to keep you occupied while that pesky Patagonian storm clears


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WHOT! isn't that game you play shouting up a wind blown crag to find out what is taking your climbing partner so long.

It is a card game to play in relaxed surrounding with friends. Match the number or shape in a race to be the first to get rid of all your cards. Whot! supercards can be used to accelerate yourself to victory or put other players in a whole heap of trouble.

Whot! is also educational, it helps children learn numbers, shapes and colours!

Key features
  • Includes 53 WHOT! cards and a scorepad
  • Classic Whot! gameplay has 50 years of history
  • Knockout Whot! gameplay for longer games
  • New Whot! tactical gameplay to speed up the action
Vital stats

Weight: 112 grams
Box size: 92 x 115 x 20 mm

Origin: United Kingdom

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