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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.



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An Anthology of Womens Adventure Writing, Poetry and Art

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Waymaking is an anthology of prose, poetry and artwork by women who are inspired by nature and wild places. The work aims to continue the legacy left by the likes of Gwen Moffat (Space Below My Feet) and Nan Shepherd (The Living Mountain), which set a precedent for women writing inspirational stories about living and breathing alongside wild landscapes, becoming part of a larger adventure.

All royalties from the sales of Waymaking will be donated the John Muir Trust and Rape Crisis, helping to conserve our wild places and raise awareness of sexual violence in our society. 

We had our own very special connection to the publication of this title and were thrilled to partner up with Vertebrate to ensure publication. Through our involvement in the project, we hope that we can give Vertebrate the support they need to create an anthology that does the adventures justice, and ensure it reaches as many people as possible.  

There are some very special contributors, familiar names and some new artists including award-winning author Bernadette McDonald, world-leading climber Hazel Findlay and adventurers Sarah Outen and Anna McNuff. 

The book is edited by award-winning poet, Helen Mort; Kendal Mountain Festival Artistic Director, Claire Carter; leading endurance athlete, Heather Dawe; and Vertebrate’s own editor, Camilla Barnard. 

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  • Royalties donated to the John Muir Trust and Rape Crisis
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