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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Wax Cotton Kanga handlebar harness

Kanga handlebar harness waxed cotton


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  • Teal - Kanga handlebar harness waxed cotton

Waxed cotton handlebar harness for securely attaching your dry bags to the front of your bike. Increase stability, tyre clearance and protect from abrasion. Limited Edition, UK Made.

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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Modern rackless bike luggage made from waxed cotton, a natural and traditional material, right here in our UK factory. Wet waxed cotton looks great, feels great and is entirely functional thanks to the wax coating which gives the fabric its water resistant coating.

Kanga solves the problem of attaching luggage to the front of your bike, hiding away brake cables and abrasive stem bolts. Removable flexible fibreglass stays provide a flat, rigid structure that keeps your handlebar bag stable and secure whilst riding. Kanga holds your luggage away from your tyre, increasing tyre clearance and preventing abrasion and wear to your luggage.

No more fiddling around trying to thread straps around your bars and between cables, Kanga has 3 straps that makes attaching and detaching your bag quick and easy, something you will appreciate with cold, wet hands at the end of a long days riding. 

A small pouch provides a secure yet accessible hidey-hole for your valuables.

Kanga is for bikes with flat or riser bars and forks with a traditional crown shoulder and tyre clearance. Unfortunately this will count out most road bikes with hydroformed carbon or aero forks.

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Key features
  • Harness for stabilizing your handlebar set-up.
  • Made to last in the UK.
  • Small pocket for stashing your valuables.
  • Multiple bar-tacked daisy chain webbing ladders for versatile and secure attachment.
  • Removable flexible fiberglass stays for stability.
  • Hook and loop strap provided.
  • 25 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Dimensions: 26 x 32 cm
Weight: 240 g


Fabric: Waxed cotton
Buckles: Duraflex Stealth 20 mm
Stays: Fibreglass
Construction: Stitched

Origin: United Kingdom

Designer Notes

Wax cotton was used as a performance outdoor fabric for years before all our modern textiles were invented. Innovation is great but sometimes it pays to look back and see what has worked over the years… especially if you want to do it in style. - Hebe

Product Care Information

Caring for your gear is all part of the adventure. This bag is made from wet waxed cotton, you will need to rewax your bag every so often so that it maintains its water resistance. We recommend rewaxing every 12 months, or sooner if you notice your product isn’t repelling water as it should.

First, make sure your product is clean. If it isn’t clean just sponge it down with cold water and brush it lightly to remove dirt or grit. If it’s really dirty (these things happen!) hand wash it in cold water with Nikwax Tech wash. Don’t dry clean or wash your waxed cotton pack.

Now your product is clean…

Spray Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof onto the outer of the bag, paying close attention to the seams and area s of high wear. The waterproofing will look opaque and white, don’t worry - it will dry clear!

Once you’ve sprayed the product, rub the cotton proof into the fabric and remove any excess.

Buff the product.

Let the product hang dry in a well ventilated area, avoid humid places! It may take a coupld of days to completely dry.

Bob’s your uncle! A rewaxed product ready for your next adventure!

If you don’t fancy rewaxing your own product, you can send it off to Rewax and they’ll do it for you. Head over to rewax.co.uk for more information.​

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