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Troll Wall

The untold story of the British first ascent of Europe's tallest rock face

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Troll Wall is destined to become a classic of mountaineering literature. 

This gripping tale was written by Tony Howard only days after thier success, only to be stored away for nearly 50 years. Now this first hand account of this epic undertaking has been released for the inspiration of all. 

Norway, 1965: a team of young British climbers camp at the base of the Troll Wall- the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. It had never been climbed before. This gargantuan challenge was to go down in climbing history. The team battled rain and snow, the risk of avalanche and rock fall ever looming. Pushed to the limits of exhaustion, Howard and the rest of the team refused to give in despite failure seeming inevitable.

Key features
  • Foreword by Doug Scott
  • Nominated for the Boardman Tasker Prize
  • Written by Tony Howard
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