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Tivaro 20 dual end drybag

Tivaro 20l waterproof Welded handlebar mounted drybag


  • - Tivaro 20l waterproof Welded handlebar mounted drybag
  • - Tivaro 20l waterproof Welded handlebar mounted drybag

20 litre waterproof bikepacking handlebar bag with integrated harness for long distance bikepacking and cycle touring. 450d TPU nylon shell fabric for keeping your lightweight and bulky gear dry and secure


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Miles of muddy firetrack,  winter in the Peaks, the Lake District at, well, any time of year really…

Tivaro provides weatherproof storage with an integrated harness to make the most of the space between your handlebars, ideal for bulky, lightweight items like sleeping bags and down jackets.

Waterproof 450d TPU nylon shell fabric and welded construction keep your valuables dry in all but the worst of conditions; dual roll-top closure keeps out the rain whilst keeping your stuff within reach.

The integrated harness gives a secure and stable fit: two nylon straps run around the bag and around your handlebars, 4 Hypalon tabs let you compress your cargo.

Webbing ladders running across the harness offer diverse attachment possibilities. 

Product Insight
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Key features
  • Front-mounted handlebar drybag with integrated harness
  • Waterproof fabric and roll-top closure
  • Welded seams for waterproof construction
  • Dual end closure makes it easy to retrieve your kit
  • Easy to pack when attached to your bag
  • Nylon webbing straps and hypalon tabs keep your bag sturdy
  • Vertical and horizontal webbing ladder offers multiple attachment points
  • Attachment with bombproof Duraflex buckles
  • Reflective logo keeps you safe and visible
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Waterproof Construction
Outer: 450d TPU nylon waterproof fabric
Welded seams
Buckles: 25 mm Duraflex S.J.
Roll-top closure


Weight: 390 g
Stuffed dimensions: ⌀24 x 40 cm
Capacity: 20 litres

Origin: China

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

3 Reviews


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Fits Folders

The bag is very voluminous and fits perfectly Flatbars and Folding Bikes. Less well suited on gravelroads.

Hugely useful

I bought this as part of my kit for a three week solo cycle tour from Fukuoka to Tokyo. Solid. Reliable. Tested waterproof to pre-typhoon levels.
It's Big. Almost too big for the drop bars on my road endurance bike, but I knew that going in and just gave the end an extra roll or so. It will do just as well on my flat bar MTB for other trips.
All my bulky and lighter stuff went in there. The dual end closure make it doubly easy to prioritise "quick to access" items.
I could (just) leave it on the bike when I wrapped it in a Rinko bag for a couple of transfers by Shinkansen.
My tip. Fill it and ride with it well before any tour. Check for fit, flop around, and any rubbing issues then adjust with the webbing belt and whatever you have.
Doubled as my carry-on bag in and out of the country. Plenty of room for duty-free gin.

Easy to fit, very functional, perfect fot British weather

Used this over on my MTB on a gruelling three ride across Exmoor and Dartmoor to carry my sleeping bag, mat, spare shorts, down jacket and some cliff bars. All fit perfectly and stayed bone dry.

Couple of minor points to be aware of:

1. If it's not super tight (I used extra Velcro to attach it to my handlebars and headset) then it will move. If you're doing some serious techie stuff (we did) it will bounce
2. Mine was super tight but the excellent rugged material did still rub the front of my frame and removed some of the paintwork so I would advise using something to protect your frame at the front (duct tape would do it) if that sort of thing bothers you.
3. The carabiners in the picture don't come with it, I put them on so I could clip my rock shoes to it.

PS. Sleeping bag was the Alpkit pipedream 400 and mat was the Alpkit Numo

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