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The Wilderness Survival Guide

You're hiking in the wilderness with a backpack full of gear and a phone for emergencies. But if you can't get a signal and you lose your pack... what then?

Survival guide book
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A survival mindset can be as much of a lifesaver as the most expensive bits of equipment.

The Wilderness Survival Guide will help you to be prepared, have confidence in your own abilities and be adaptable. Clear and easy to follow, O'Leary's advice will enhance any outdoor experience, be it a hike in the country or a "survival situation".

Joe O'Leary's firsthand experience and wisdom is conveyed through The Wilderness Survival Guide. O'Leary has 8 years of military service under his belt along with countless experiences learning the art of survival from the best bushcraft instructors in the UK.

Key features
  • Bushcraft tools, shelter building, improvising equipment
  • Lighting fires in bad conditions
  • Wilderness techniques and skills
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Read this book and you’ll learn how to:

Use bushcraft tools to build a shelter and improvise equipment

Light a warming fire (and keep it lit) in bad conditions

Find safe water to drink

Hunt and forage for wild food - and cook what you catch or find

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