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Best Tea Shop Walks in the Peak District

best tea shop walks in the peak district


  • - best tea shop walks in the peak district

Best Tea Shop Walks in the Peak District

Never miss out on afternoon tea again with Norman and June Buckley's collection of easy-going Peak District walks.

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What's a walk without a tea shop?

Okay, admittedly it's still a walk, but a tea shop does seem to enhance every outing, especially when there's a good scone involved. With jam and cream. Mmmm scones.

Unfortunately, tea shops haven't quite made it onto the OS maps (it's only a matter of time), making incorporating them into your walk enough to leave you gasping for a cuppa.

Luckily, someone else had the foresight to do all the legwork for us, plotting a variety of tea shop walks around the Peak District and gathering them into this handy book - complete with maps, photos, and detailed route instructions.

With 26 walks, this book is bound to keep you busy for a while (not to mention fed and watered), so now the only legwork you'll have to do is the fun kind!

Key features
  • 26 easy-going walks in the Peak District
  • Never miss afternoon tea again!
  • Maps, photos, and detailed route instructions
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Origin: United Kingdom

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