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Swig bottle

Swig water bottle


  • 750 ml: Big Swig - Swig water bottle
    750 ml: Big Swig
  • 500 ml: Less Big Swig - Swig water bottle
    500 ml: Less Big Swig

Swig bottle

Drinks bottle in 750 ml or 500 ml capacity for swigging on the go


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Years of eating plastic - never having the right size bottle and they're nearly always looking, well a bit dull...

We took it upon ourselves to find the perfect hydration tool - not just a bottle. Swig is designed to re-hydrate just as fast as any other bottle out there, with its not unique styling, same old super reliable closure and uniform sizes. Swig will fit most bike bottle cages, sit in your sports bag and stand out from the crowd of boring black or white bottles with the same old logos. 

Please Drink Responsibly

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Key features
  • Opening for water
  • Hydrating sport bottle lid
  • BPA free
  • Cool stylings
  • Invaluable nutritional information*
  • * from the Alpkit science team.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

8 Reviews


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Great Bottle, Great Price

Got a 3 pack of 750ml bottles. Have used heavily now for 3 months and they're fine - I don't like bike bottles because they're usually crappy and leak. Contrary to other reviews, I have had no issues with these other than when I didn't close the sip cap AND left a bottle inverted because it was in a rucksack side pocket.

Does what you'd expect, is actually a little more robust than I would have expected for a bike bottle at all, and especially at the price point.

Would definitely recommend, and am considering some of the smaller sized ones for other purposes.

Would like to see these come in duller colours, because I don't like bright colours for the outdoors - But that's a personal thing, and nothing against the product in general.

Does exactly what a bottle should do

I have three of these and i have had no issue with any of them. My kids use them for school daily, so it was important for me that they didn't leak. It was refreshing to find a good priced bottle that does the job.

Great product, good price!

We have several of these and have never had an issue. Bright colour means I can always find it at the back of the cupboard. Thanks Alpkit!

Adam C
It’s a bottle

It’s a bottle, and it holds liquid. Other reviews say it leaks no matter how tight it is done up but actually with these sorts of bottles over tightening causes leeks. With a slight turn off tightened then the plastic of the lid and bottle can move together and keep a seal.

Wooah there

Just thought I'd jump in to defend these bottles. As a bike bottle or bottle to stow in external pouches on a running vest or pack they are fine. You just can't throw them in your main bag compartment with your down jacket, but that's not what they're for. I won't be surprised if alp kit bring out a wide mouth strong 1 litre+ drinks receptacle, perhaps in a range of colours?

Not cool

Guys, was really disappointed to see stupid comments about eating pigs, chickens and eggs on the side of the bottle. Increasing numbers of people are waking up to the horrors of animal agriculture and the massive environmental degradation that it causes...Maybe about time you did too. By inadvertently advocating for animal abuse on the side of your bottle you're excluding a proportion of your customer base, because no vegan or vegetarian would want this on the side of their kit.
I always thought you were a cool company, but this has kinda soured my opinion of you. :-(

yes, it does leak

I'm sorry to report that the above commenter is absolutely right.
In my love for appkit gear I bought two of these and they both leak from the main screw cap.

It leaks.

I really like alpkit gear. A lot. They make a lot of the really useful stuff at an affordable price. Had an old one of these and sadly lost it so I picked up a new one when visiting the store. It’s a great example of style over substance. Looks great but doesn’t do the job. Doesn’t matter how tight you do it up it leaks. I’ll probably resort to some plumbers white tape but it’s dissapointing to have to modify it to make it work for it’s intended purpose.

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