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Sonder Transmitter Carbon Mech Hanger

Sonder Transmitter Carbon Mech Hanger
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  • - Sonder Transmitter Carbon Mech Hanger

Replacement mech hanger compatible with the Sonder Transmitter Carbon


Pre OrderSorry, this option has now sold out. We do not currently have a restocking date. - Si Bourg

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What's alumnium, shiny, and looks like a pair of binoculars? 

When you've been riding hard and your mech is dragging along behind you, we have your back. 

This Sonder Transmitter Carbon mech hanger and breakaway bolt is happy to be a spare part, stashed away in your repair kit and enjoying the ride until it is called upon to perform. Wizard!

Key features
  • Replacement mech hanger for the Sonder Transmitter Carbon
Vital stats



10 g

Origin: Taiwan

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