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Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [2018] [Mens] thermal swimming wetsuit

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]


  • - Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]
  • - Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Increased buoyancy and thermally lined, Silvertip stands as a wetsuit for swimming in cold water

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Silvertip was conceived for aggressive, powerful swimmers going long distances in cold waters… or for the rest of us, less proficient swimmers who just feel the cold more, it is a swimming suit that will get us out in the water when previously we would have headed for the cafe.

A fleece lined interior and thicker neoprene panels makes Silvertip our go to cold water swimming suit. Turn Silvertip inside out and you will see the fleece lined inner face that (a) makes it easier to pull on and off (b) traps more water close to the skin and prevents it from flowing around. Designed in collaboration with industry guru Dean Jackson,  Silvertip has been designed with year round adventurous open water swimming in mind.

Neoprene thicknesses has been carefully chosen to ensure a great swimming action while providing maximum temperature retention to increase time in the water. Thicker neoprene on the back and back of the leg also provide the extra buoyancy to help you on longer swims. Thinner neoprene is used under the arms, across the chest and lower leg for flexibility.

The result is a warmer suit without making it so thick that it becomes unwieldly to swim in.

As you propel yourself through the water drag is further reduced by the Glideskin neoprene. Making up the majority of the suits surface area it streamlines Silvertips movement through the water and give it excellent dirt and water repellency. Glideskin also reduces heat conduction from the body increasing warmth over standard neoprene.

The wrists, shoulders and neck feature flashes of silver for better visibility with a nylon skin covering the lower leg for durability in this high abrasion area.

Access to and from the suit is via a deep back zipper with lanyard to ensure you can get in and out by yourself.

Silvertip also comes in a Women's specific fit

Key features
  • High buoyancy suit for longer swims
  • Fully "thermo stretch lining" except lower leg panels for easier leg access in and out
  • Extra buoyancy in the legs for greater speed and energy conservation
  • Glideskin outer for reduced friction and easier maintenance
  • High flexibility around shoulders for unrestricted arm movement
  • Silver flashes at wrists and ankles for visibilty
  • Abrasion resistant nylon on high wear points
  • Integrated pouch for valuables
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Small - 5’0” to 5’6” and 56-65 kg
Medium - 5’4” to 5’10” and 64-73 kg
Large - 5’10’ to 6’3” and 77-85 kg
Short and Strong - 5’5” to 5’11"and 78-86 kg
X-Large - 5’11’ to 6’4’ and 83-95 kg
Medium Tall - 5’9’ to 6’3’ and 68-74 kg

Panel Construction

Neck: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Chest: 3 mm Glideskin
Back: 4 mm Glideskin
Shoulder: 2 mm Glideskin
Lower Sleeve Cuff: 1.5 mm Glideskin
Butt: 4 mm Glideskin
Crotch: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Armpit Panel: 2.5 mm Glideskin
Upper Leg: 4 mm Glideskin
Lower Leg Front: 3 mm Standard Neoprene
Lower Leg Back: 2 mm Standard Neoprene
Lower Leg Cuff: 2 mm Glideskin

Care Guidance

When you are pulling on your suit take care not to use your finger nails.
Check your suit for fit and range of motion. Your suit will feel different when wet.
Rinse your suit out with fresh water after each use.  Hang the wetsuit inside out and allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat source.
Store your suit in a cool room on a wide plastic coat hanger.
Roll your suit when transporting rather than fold.
Don’t use petroleum products with your suit as this will damage the neoprene.
Small tears can be repaired with neoprene cement/glue.

Origin: United Kingdom

What You Say: Customer Reviews and Comments

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A must for the Winter Frog Graham Round (or indeed any other winter swimming)

When recently contemplating the Winter Frog Graham Round the one area I was really concerned about was warmth in the water ... especially the 1,600m Derwentwater swim which would be the last swim in a 24 hour challenge.

I agree to a certain extent with other comments that the neck is snug but I tell you what it keeps the sloshing water out. I thought I'd need a Medium Tall but the neck was way too tight and so I sized up to Large. It was still a snug fit for the body so this wasn't an issue.

Having not been swimming for around 6 weeks I was surprisingly happy to be in 6ºC water and felt perfectly comfortable. The additional buoyancy gives a feeling of comfort too in that if you get in to difficulty, or start cramping up, you can just roll on to your back and float.

If you are contemplating cold water / winter / night swimming, or if you are a person who just feels the cold, then I can highly recommend this suit.

The cost isn't outrageous given the extra comfort it provides and as long as you are careful putting on and taking off it should provide a lot of use.

Top tip

Just wanted to give some feedback after my first use of the Silver Tip.

I've owned one other swimming wetsuit, an entry-level Blue Seventy, which has served me pretty well for the past 5 years. I've done quite a few organised swims in lakes, the sea and in rivers (including the Dart 10k a few years back), but now mostly just want to explore my local coast and stay warm. Last year I was swimming in the sea from May to September, a few times a week, early mornings or after work. Me and my friends all wearing the usual brands you see at Triathlon swims. I wondered if Alpkit had something I could potentially use year round and/or for longer swims - not necessarily longer distances, but where I could be in the water longer without the cold steadily getting to me.

So, I pulled on the silver tip for a first swim last weekend. North Devon coast - a sunny day in March, the sea was probably around 9 degrees. Four of us has been in the water the day before to surf the small clean waves and paddle around in a kayak. Night in the pub, sleep in the tent. I had a bit of a hangover. Recall us all debating the merits of cold water swims without wetsuits. Now no-one else wanted to get in.

I'm 6'2 with not much of a belly for a 40-something, I got a large based on the charts where previously I've gone for Medium Tall (for the Blue Seventy and my surf wetsuits). Great fit and good freedom of movement - so noticeable after wearing my old 5mm Alder the previous day. I didn't feel my swimming position was that different - obviously buoyant compared to swimming suit-less, but not excessively so - and that fleece lining made me completely comfortable in the water, and it was easier to get into too.

So just one swim so far - and nothing epic - but I think I've found what I was looking for.

Sizing issues

I had to exchange the original purchase for a larger size, as the neck was really tight, (passing out tight!) The Alpkit staff were very helpful. However getting the neck snug meant the overall fit was too loose.Good points-it was very easy to get in and out of, was warm in cold Scottish water and gave a well supported good swimming position.
I think the neck is disproportionate with the body size though, and needs revising.

Silvertip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

My initial review after using the Silvertip wetsuit today for 75 min swim. I bought the large size I am approx 5'11 and weigh about 85 1/2 kilo so this was just on the limit of the sizing guide. I found getting into the suit a bit tight, a longer zip would have helped as it was quite short but took my time and used my socks on my hands to put on. A real positive was I managed to pull the zip up quite easily using the chord, the zip did not get caught as in my other suits. Once on the suit was quite comfortable, the neck was tight but not too uncomfortable. The suit felt good on although it would have been better to have full neoprene covering the calves also. Saying that once in the water my legs did not feel much different from my other suit (Sailfish 1, top range sailfish)
The neck did not leak any water, neither did the rest of the suit apart from the zip area, a little, which you can expect. Maybe a wider internal strip would have helped. The fleece lining however did hold any ingress and the suit felt quite warm after the first 150 m. I have been using a Sailfish 1, very flexible, thin and light for the last 2 season but wanted to keep swimming into the winter on a budget this year and the Silvertip seems to meet the criteria. I swam just as far as in my tri-suit and did not notice feeling any more fatigued than usual all though the lining being thicker did reduce flexibility but only very slightly. All in all not a bad suit compared to other suits I have had, kept me warm which is why I bought it without having to wear a whale skin. Can’t comment on the longevity of the suit but compared with suits worth more than twice the price it performed well. Gave 3 stars would have been 4 if calves had neoprene.

two and a half stars

Used for two short swims and have 6 tears in it already. response from alpkit is "glideskin neoprene is by nature quite delicate and susceptible to fingernail damage". I have other wetsuits, neoprene shorts and leggings etc which have not had this type of damage.

On the plus side, it produces a nice swim and felt warm in 10 degree water but don't expect that it will last more than one season at this rate so an expensive option.

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