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Remote Exposure outdoor photography guide

Remote Exposure Book


  • - Remote Exposure Book

Buisse goes beyond the basics to equip you with the tools you need to create captivating, strong, and compelling images that do justice to your adventures.

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Many hikers and climbers often come away from an adventure feeling disheartened that their photography fails to visually translate their experiences.

Remote Exposure will guide you through the tools and know-how needed to create the captivating images that effectively portray the experience and the memory.

Alexandre Buisse wonderfully leads you through the various aspects required for composing strong images, including the options for lightweight equipment that can withstand the cold and adverse weather conditions and the importance of a logical, planned workflow. Throughout the book you will find advice on where to point the camera for strong imagery plus specific necessities for rock climbing, mountaineering and camping. More advanced topics are covered, such as high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) and panoramic stitching.

Remote Exposure is full of stunning images captured by Buisse as he has hiked and climbed through mountain ranges across four continents. A valuable and ispirational book for photographers of all levels and those who simply appreciate beautiful images.

Key features
  • Practical advice for capturing adventures
  • Adventure appropriate gear advice
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Covers advanced topics (such as HDRI and panoramic stitching)
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