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This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

Rain Shadow Umbrella

Rain Shadow Umbrella


  • - Rain Shadow Umbrella

The Alpkit take on a time-honoured classic for rain protection that also happens to be 100% breathable.

This product has been archived and is no longer available for purchase.

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Our design team have been working around the clock with the latest technologies to find a 100% breathable waterproof, then some smart alek mentioned the classic brolley.

Although it may not be the ticket for clipping the bolts at Malham or running around the Lakeland fells, this nifty Alpkit Renaissance of the classic brolley is not to be underestimated.

The most breathable waterproof going, it'll keep you dry and dapper come rain or, er, rain? With a handy button that'll open and close your brolley with a mere click, you'll feel more techy than a Power Ranger. It's also lightweight and folds down compactly enough for you to shake off and fling in your bag when the sun comes out.

Neat artwork on the canopy will keep you inspired to Go Nice Places, Do Good Things on even the dreariest of Mondays when it's Raining Bats and Dogs, making the Rain Shadow ideal for twizzling as you sing in the rain, jumping in puddles, or for floating around like in the movies*.

*We do not recommend floating or flying with your Rain Shadow Umbrella

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Key features
  • Automatic open and close
  • Rubber coated handle for extra grippiness
  • Pouch included
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats

Weight: 320 g
Diameter when open: 95cm
Folded Length: 30 cm


Frame and Ribs: steel and fiberglass
Handle: Rubber coated plastic

Origin: China

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