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Passport Lug-Kage

Passport Lug-Kage


  • Passport Lug-Kage - Passport Lug-Kage
    Passport Lug-Kage

Lightweight front fork luggage carrying cage for cycle touring and bikepacking


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The Passport Lug-Kage is a lightweight variation on a front fork carrier. It allows you to attach items such as sleeping bags, a camping mat, tarp, or Airlok drybag to your expedition tourer.

Lug-Kage is great for some of those annoying, bulky items that don't really fit anywhere else helping to keep the centre of gravity low and increase stability. More stability = more efficient, more enjoyable riding.

The cage includes 2 adjustable velcro straps to hold your items securely in place and wow what great accessibility - no more rummaging around in over stuffed bags for you. First at the campsite, first to get your meal on and first away in the morning.

Lug-Kage can take items up to 47 cm in circumference and is designed to fit forks with the dedicated 3 bolt mounting lugs and can be loaded up to a maximum of 3 kg. It is no surprise it is perfect for loading up your Sonder Santiago!

Caution: Do not feed the straps around the outside of the cage in such a way that they will pull the alloy arms of the cage together. The arms are not designed to flex by any significant amount.

For balance and stability Lug-Kage is best used in pairs.

Key features
  • Lightweight alloy construction
  • 3 bolt mounting
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Vital stats
Vital stats

Weight: 180 g
Height: 22 cm
Width: 14.5 cm

Origin: China

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