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MytiPlate titanium plate

Lightweight titanium camping plate with raised sides

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Sorry, this option has now sold out. We do not currently have a restocking date. - Si Bourg

Simple, elegant and big enough for a healthy plate full. MytiPlate is what every diehard titanium fan should be eating from.

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth, lightweight and very very strong. It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion means it doesn't pollute air, land and oceans.  Titanium also makes for superb cookware as there's no metallic taste - not that we think you will be so hungry you will start chomping at the dish!

MytiPlate has raised sides, so if your camp food comes out like slop you can rest assured it won't just slide into your lap. 

Due to the thinness and properties of the material the plate can deform if compressed or twisted. This does not impact on its performance. Also titanium is metal so it will conduct heat so be careful when you pick it up.

Key features
  • Lightweight and durable titanium
Vital stats

Weight: 63 g
Diameter: 180 mm
Height: 30 mm

Origin: China

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